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Lutheran Services in Iowa (LSI) was recently recognized as an Innovative and Exemplary respite service by the ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center. LSI is one of four recipients of this recognition this year.

LSI's Respite Care program provides personalized, temporary support for children and adults with disabilities across Iowa, allowing their caregivers time to take care of themselves.

Respite is the most frequently requested support service among the nation's 53 million family caregivers, yet 86 percent do not receive respite services. Respite can help reduce caregiver stress, improve caregiver and family health and wellbeing, help avoid costly out-of-home placements, and may even help to reduce the likelihood of abuse or neglect.

LSI has offered respite care services for 19 years, and families can choose to receive care in the primary caregiver's home, the respite provider's home, or in the community. Families also have the ability to select their own respite care provider, including neighbors, friends, or family members. This ability to choose their own provider is especially helpful in rural parts of the state, where provider availability may be scarce.

"In light of the challenges we've faced over the last year, our Respite team is honored and uplifted by this national recognition," said Kelly Wagner, LSI's Statewide Manager of Supported Community Living and Respite Care. "This award affirms LSI's commitment to providing high quality respite care. We will continue to work with organizations like ARCH to advocate for the importance of respite serviced and recruit qualified and committed respite care providers."

LSI is one of Iowa's largest human services agencies and impacts tens of thousands of Iowans annually through child abuse prevention, services for families and youth in crisis, services for people with disabilities, and refugee services. LSI is nationally accredited and proudly serves people of all ages, abilities, religions, sexes, gender identities, national origins, ethnicities, races, and sexual orientations. To learn more, visit Join us on Facebook at


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