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By: Co-Reporter, Isabel Mullinex

On November 3rd, 22 Greenhand members from the Vinton Shellsburg FFA chapter participated at the District Greenhand Fireup at Wapsie Valley High School. This day was dedicated to encourage members to become involved in FFA and to get them "Fired-Up" about the amazing opportunities this organization provides.

The sessions that the past and current State and District Officers organized included True Blue Communication, This or That, We Are FFA, Keep it Real, and dodgeball. Josh Wiley, a member from our chapter is a North East District Officer and he helped with the session, True Blue Communications.

The members had a really fun time meeting other people in the Northeast District as well as growing their knowledge in FFA. Austin Noe, a Greenhand who went to District Greenhand Fireup said, "It is a very fun trip where you get to meet new people and learn things about what other schools do for FFA."

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