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The Inheritance Games By Jennifer Lynn Barnes Young adult fiction Mystery Reviewed by Connie Bennett This young adult book begins, "When I was a kid... and went on to describe several familiar memories. I was hooked. From then on it just got better! I heartily recommend it! Enter Avery, fifteen; practical teen; good student who could definitely do better. The "hand life has dealt her" is a hard one, as acknowledged by her Principal. Avery aspires to win a college scholarship, but that won't be easy for a high-school junior who works in a little diner, and lives in her car, but she is determined. Unexpectedly, Avery becomes the heir to a fortune, but must stay in a huge mansion for a year to collect. There are four handsome grandsons who should be sharing the entire inheritance, but it was inexplicably left to Avery. The mansion is a maze of hallways, riddled with secret passages and hidden doors, and there is a secret to uncover. But, who can Avery trust? The grandsons seem willing to help, but she has been warned against them. Even with her own lawyer, body guard and security detail, Avery is frighteningly alone. This book was recommended to me by a young adult who is now reading book two. Vinton Public Library has all three volumes, plus the Libby/Bridges app has the entire series available on both ebook and audio book. As stated on the cover, "Let the games begin!" Published 2020 By Little, Brown And Company

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