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Olivia Claus by Kama Einhorn My Penguin, Osbert by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel A Simple Christmas on the Farm by Phyllis Alsdurf Christmas-themed Easy Reader books Great pictures Reviewed by Connie Bennett For anyone who is a fan of Olivia and her family, Olivia Claus is a Christmas "must"! In this holiday story, items are mysteriously disappearing; first, Olivia's monkey, Mathilda, then Dad's snowflake sock, then her brother's missing piece from his new puzzle. Due to the big, bright pictures, the reader will solve the mystery before Olivia's family, and all ends with an outpouring of family love. My Penguin Osbert is an amusing book about a little boy who writes to Santa every year but never gets exactly want he wants- until the year he very precisely describes a penguin. On Christmas morning, his request is granted, to the joy of the boy, who has a wonderful, fun-filled day with his new friend. The book ends happily and the little boy learns about responsibility, as well as thinking of others. This last book is the one that I'm particularly excited about! Newly published, A Simple Christmas on the Farm is bound to become a Christmas favorite of children and adults everywhere. For reasons that are not disclosed, the family Christmas is going to be a simple one this year. At first, the kid doesn't like the idea; a small tree with homemade ornaments, homemade gifts for each other, simple traditions... But, as the season unfolds, it is apparent that this way is perfect. In the back of the book are included directions, recipes, and other tips for having one's very own Simple Christmas. Absolutely charming! You'll love it!

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