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Ringo's TombstoneBy W.R. HardwoodLarge PrintWesternReviewed by Connie BennettAs this story opens, with a traditional feeding and watering of the horse and the last of the coffee on the campfire, John Ringgold faces an age-old dilemma. In a long-running blood feud between two families, do his loyalties lie with the military, to whom he swore an oath, or his family? This is an old story, and the question still stands: "Which is thicker - - blood or water?"In the course of this story, the reader meets Ike and Billy Clanton, the Earps, and of course, Doc Holiday himself! Although not touted as a true story, the famous incident at the OK Corral is reiterated in true heroic fashion, and that part is unquestionably fact!If you like your stories neatly presented with an absolute ending, and tied up with a bow, this book is not for you. If you like to leave the legends intact, without a definitive answer to the questions raised, then check this book out immediately! I loved the book, and the fact that the lesser-known Western figures were highlighted. The ending left me wanting more, but I will definitely seek out other books by this author. Thumbs up!Original copyright 1981By Bath Street PressRepublished 2022 By Golden West Inc.

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