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The trainwreck we know as 2020 derailed the Annual Boomtown Celebration in August, but plans are coming together to celebrate the 14th annual event at the Benton County Fairgrounds in Vinton, Iowa, on Saturday, August 28, 2021.

What is Boomtown?

In case you're new, or have forgotten - be prepared. Boomtown isn't your your typical small-town-USA fireworks display. Its an Earth-shaking pyrotechnic experience you will not soon forget. If blinding ground effects and feel-the-heat-on-your-face fireballs aren't enough, wait until the aerial bombs greet you with a heart-pounding aftershock.

Volunteer committee members and will be meeting soon, and throughout the summer,

to coordinate the best pyrotechnic display in the Midwest provided by the award-winning Iowa Pyrotechnic Association. While details are still being finalized, the return of one of the most highly anticipated pyrotechnic attractions has been confirmed. We're sure you won't want to miss the lights and sounds as we cheer, scream and wave goodbye to the Train Wreck of 2020.

Vendor forms will be mailed soon to previous year vendors, and available to download at within a few weeks.

Be sure to follow Boomtown on Facebook for the most up-to-date information about this years event.

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