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The Vinton Guild of Fine Arts will be hosting a workshop for artists and community planners about mural painting. It will be an all-day workshop (10 am - 3 pm) on Saturday, Sept. 25th, at Pourville (location dependent on numbers and COVID). The workshop will provide tips and techniques for creating large exterior murals and for planning, budgeting, and funding them, including preparation and materials. Home decorators thinking about creating large interior murals might benefit as well.The Guild has lined up the best facilitator ever for this workshop, Thomas Agran from Iowa City, who has created many murals himself as well as helped others plan them. The fees are discounted (compared to other all-day artist workshops) because we received funding from a City of Vinton HOT grant, as well as the Vinton Community Foundation, which provided seed funding for Back Alley Art overall.

The guild is working on two projects that you will soon see around Vinton!


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