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A fundraiser for the VSU Special Olympics will be held at the Benton County Fair. Next to the beer tank, you can come and dunk the following people to raise money for VSU Special Olympics at The Benton County Fair!
Friday, June 24th
2-3 pm- Sheriff Ron Tippett

3-4 pm- Allan Merchant

4-5 pm- Tammy Zimmerman

5-6 pm- Zach Kramer

6- 6:30 pm- Bryce Laton

6:30-7 pm- Jason Laton

Saturday, June 25th
2-2:30 pm- Chief Kris Hudson

2:30-3 pm Darien Smothers

3-4 pm- Jeremy Koopman

4-5 pm- Blake Hansen

5-6 pm Deputy Justin Coshow

6-7 pm- Officer Josh West

This event is Sponsored by:

Johns Qwik Stop

Edwards Plumbing and Heating

Elwick Electric

Kurts Enterprises

Cedar Valley Bank

Johnson Real Estate

Koop's Sales and Service

Each business is going to donate $1 for every ball purchased at the dunk tank! This means you spend $2 for a ball to dunk whoever and the Special Olympics gets $9.00




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