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There will be a Benefit Breakfast at Keystone Turner Hall on Sunday, February 5th from 8 until noon to assist the family of AJ Gale.
The meal consists of ham/sausage egg bakes, sausage links, pancakes and assorted sweets.
AJ Gale is seven years old and lives in Keystone, Iowa. He loves telling jokes with his AAC device, dancing to music with a good beat, and messy play - like painting!
AJ also has Down Syndrome and a list of medical diagnoses, including only having "half a heart" (hypoplastic left heart syndrome). He's had multiple procedures in Iowa and Pennsylvania, including airway repair and open heart surgeries and requires a tracheostomy and oxygen to breathe, and a feeding tube to eat.
Most importantly, AJ has exceeded all the expectations his medical team had set before him and lives each day with a zest for life, bringing joy to everyone he meets.


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