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Every day we see the love of our community as we support those in need. As we celebrate the holidays, we appreciate all the gifts that you have given throughout the year.With your support, ASAC has helped more than 12,000 youth and adults learn skills to help prevent substance use and gambling disorders, and lead others. We have partnered with educators, parents, helping professionals and employers to provide tools so that they can share learning about the hazards of substance use and problem gambling in their daily lives. We have provided treatment and recovery services for more than 3,000 youth, adults and families, helping people find a path to success, reuniting families and getting people back to work.

Some of our stories this year include:

  • A mom who has been substance free for more than two years has shared the joy of getting her life back. Basics like being with her children, having a home and working a full-time job have all resulted from her treatment services.
  • A dad was reunited with his four children at graduation from residential treatment. Staff who witnessed the joy of that reunion were in tears celebrating his completion of the program.
  • High School Counselors thanking prevention staff for information on vaping and marijuana as they bring more skill-based programs to middle and high school students.
  • Patients who entered treatment homeless, getting a home with basics to re-start their life.

It takes a team of community partners, passionate staff, willing volunteers and a belief that we can make a difference together.

If you would like to be part of this effort, please consider a donation to support ASAC - Area Substance Abuse Council. Simply click here to make a donation.

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