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Stopping smoking is a difficult process. People may make several attempts to quit before they are successful. It can improve your health and save money! There are many strategies that can be used to support your efforts.

Nicotine Replace Therapies (NRTs) include over-the-counter products such as nicotine gum, lozenges, and nicotine patches. These products are designed to be used short-term, to help when your body is withdrawing from nicotine. The use of NRTs as part of your quit plan can double your chances of success.

There are also several options for non-nicotine medication. For these medications, you will need a prescription. To explore your options, speak with your doctor or call 1-800-QuitNow for more information.

Quit coaching is an evidence-based strategy with proven success. When smokers attempt to quit with support from a quit coach, their chances of success increase dramatically! Quit coaches can help you create a quit plan and identify your smoking triggers. A coach can help celebrate your milestones and walk you through slip-ups. Quit coaches are a wonderful resource and available through Quitline Iowa at no-cost.

Remember, these strategies don't work the same for everyone. Sometimes a combination of strategies is needed. If you've had previous unsuccessful attempts at quitting using one or more of these strategies, don't give up! Quitting tobacco won't be easy but it is possible and it will be worth it!

Highly experienced, trained staff at Quitline Iowa have helped more than 1.5 million people quit for good and are standing by to support you in your cessation journey. If you or a loved-one are considering quitting, be sure to check out or call 1-800-QuitNow to discuss your options and create an individualized plan that works.

The Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC) has a partnership with the Iowa Department of Public Health, Division of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control. Under this partnership, some of the prevention services offered include workplace or small group trainings; technical assistance for the development of tobacco policy for schools, daycares, businesses and other organizations; no-smoking signage for businesses and daycares - all at no cost in Benton County. Healthcare providers can also receive training on the Ask, Advise, Refer program; and Quitline informational materials. Prevention staff at ASAC stand ready to tailor these services to meet the needs of your business or group. If you'd like to learn more about ASAC tobacco prevention services, send an email to or visit us online at


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