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The Operating Room team at Virginia Gay Hospital is comprised of three main roles, Surgical Technologists, Central Sterilization Technologists, and Registered Nurses. Each department has a set of responsibilities in preparation for surgeries.

Patients have certain responsibilities like completing pre-op testing, following the NPO (Nil per os or Nothing by mouth) orders, and following the instructions to hold or take their home medications. These instructions help procedures go well for the patients.

The hospital has several departments tasked with many responsibilities to make surgery possible at Virginia Gay Hospital.

The Surgical Technician prepares the operating room for surgery. They help surgeons during surgery by passing instruments, equipment, and other sterile supplies, assisting the surgeon by holding instruments, and assists with applying surgical site dressings. In preparation for surgeries, they then help to keep the, surgery department clean, organized and stocked with supplies.

A Central Sterilization Technician is responsible for decontaminating, cleaning, processing, and sterilization of supplies, instruments, and equipment for the operating room and other departments in the hospital. They also help to keep the surgery department clean, organized and stocked with supplies

Registered Nurses play an important role in preperation for surgery, during surgery and in care following surgery. The Ambulatory Surgery department prepares the patients for surgery including completing paperwork, pre-op and post-op teaching, IV insertion and management, administration of medications. The nurses also prepare the surgical site, complete the assessment, and assist with peripheral nerve blocks. They also care for the patients following surgery.

The Circulating Nurse acts as an advocate for the patient while in the operating room. They complete all of the record-keeping, assist with getting needed supplies and equipment to the sterile field, assist with patient positioning and site preparation, monitoring the patient to and from the operating room.

The Operating Room can be a fun place to work, but it takes a big team, from all of these departments and across the hospital and clinic, to safely prepare and care for patients. It is amazing to see the departments and staff working together! The staff is always willing to stay late or flex their hours to meet the surgery demands that arise.

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