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Virginia Gay Nursing & Rehab has been Nominated for the 2022 Governor's Award for Quality Care in Health Care Facilities. In a letter from Dawn Fisk the Health Facility Division Administrator a branch of the Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals, she said that while the facility was not selected for this year's award, she shared that it was quite an honor to be nominated. "A nomination is a reflection of the sentiments of your residents and their family members. You have good reason to be proud of your facility," she said. "I commend you and your staff for your facility's operation and service to your residents. It has been our experience that facilities that strive to meet the needs of their residents are those most often nominated for a Governor's Award. To that end, you are already a winner.

"Again, congratulations on Virginia Gay Hospital Nursing and Rehab's nomination for a Governor's Award for Quality Care."

Jessica Henkle,Director of Long Term Care Services atVirginia Gay Nursing and Rehab took the opportunity to pass the recognition along to the staff. "I want tothank everyone that works hard to make Nursing and Rehab a great place to live and work. It does get noticed, enough for us to be nominated for the Governor's Award two years in a row. Thank you for all you do!"


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