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The community blood supply has been low due to lower donor turnout. LifeServe is calling on all blood donors to help boost this blood supply this fall.Someone requires a blood transfusion every 2 seconds. 100% of the blood products needed by your community hospital come from LifeServe blood donors.Make an appointment at an upcoming neighborhood blood drive near you. Appointments required.

  • Virginia Gay Hospital and Vinton Community Blood Drive, 11/29/2022 from 12:30 pm - 04:30 pm at Virginia Gay Hospital-Clinic Conference Room -, 502 N 9th Ave.

Schedule a blood donation appointment online at or call 800.287.4903.

LifeServe Blood Center is a non-profit, community based blood center that has served the needs of local hospitals and patients in our regions since 1947. As one of the 15 largest blood centers in the country, LifeServe provides blood products to 157 hospitals primarily in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. LifeServe is committed to saving lives by providing premier service to volunteer blood donors and access to a safe, quality blood supply for hospitals and patients. Your donation with LifeServe will help save your neighbor, a friend or family member or a stranger on the street. YOU make a difference in YOUR community.


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