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As part of the National Rural Health Day celebration, Virginia Gay Hospital today announced it has been recognized with a 2022 Performance Leadership Award for excellence in Outcomes. Compiled by The Chartis Center for Rural Health, the Performance Leadership Awards honor top quartile performance (e.g., 75th percentile or above) among rural hospitals in Quality, Outcomes and Patient Perspective.

The Performance Leadership Awards are based on the results of the Chartis Rural Hospital Performance INDEX, the industry's most comprehensive and objective assessment of rural hospital performance. INDEX data is trusted and relied upon by rural hospitals, health systems with rural footprints, hospital associations and state offices of rural health across the country to measure and monitor performance across several areas impacting hospital operations and finance.

"Although the last two years have placed unprecedented pressure on the rural health safety net, the dedication to serving the community that we're so accustomed to seeing from rural hospitals across the country hasn't wavered," said Michael Topchik, National Leader, The Chartis Center for Rural Health. "Let us celebrate the power of rural on National Rural Health Day and honor the facilities working tirelessly to provide access to high quality healthcare services to their communities."

Virginia Gay Hospital (VGH) is a privately operated, nonprofit rural hospital created by the trust of Virginia Gay, which has successfully served the needs of the people of Vinton and the surrounding communities since 1923. Our purpose is to provide quality health care services by using innovative, growth-oriented techniques and maintaining a sound financial base.

Most important to VGH are the people of the communities we serve, which includes Benton and adjacent counties.

VGH provides acute care on an inpatient and outpatient basis, skilled nursing care, long term care and home health care. Goals will be to improve the accessibility of

the hospital and its services to our community, while developing new services which make sense for the community and the hospital.

Our unified commitment is to exceed our patient's expectations by sharing techniques and ideas, pursuing excellence, and providing an atmosphere resulting in a positive impression of Virginia Gay Hospital.

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