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Caption for This Year's Greenhand Recipients:

This year's Greenhand Recipients after putting on the Blue Jacket for the first time. Pictured from left to right are William McKenna, Wesley McKenna, Tayton Schminke, Rylee Manning, Macie Enos, Kelcie Applebee, Kaelyn Pettyjohn, Kaden Kerkman, Jaice Tuttle, Dallas Fairbanks, Cooper McClintock, Christine Kurt, Chloe Sanders, Calhen Christenson, Braedon Hepker, Ben McGowan, Ben Buhr, Andrew Allsup, and Alexa Henkle. Not Pictured: Devin Selken and Eli Ollinger.

By: Co-Reporter, Alana Fleming

On Friday November 18, 2022, the Vinton-Shellsburg FFA Chapter joined together to celebrate the member's accomplishments of the year so far, and the Spring and Summer Career Development Events. The chapter also took this time to have the committee chairs give their monthly reports as well as explain to the public what their committee is in charge of.

Before the awards, they enjoyed a potluck dinner with dishes brought by members.

Moving forward to the award ceremony, the Vinton-Shellsburg FFA chapter was fortunate enough to welcome 23 new members to the chapter. These individuals received their Greenhand Degree and received their blue corduroy FFA jackets. These members included Alexa Henkle, Andrew Allsup, Ben Buhr, Ben McGowan, Braedon Hepker, Calhen Christenson, Chloe Sanders, Christine Kurt, Cooper Mclintock, Dallas Fairbanks, Devin Selken, Eli Ollinger, Jaice Tuttle, Kaden Kerkman, Kelcie Applebee, Kaelyn Pettyjohn, Macie Enos, Rylee Manning, Tayton Schminke, Wesley McKenna, and William McKenna. Freshman Cooper McClintock said, "It was super fun and I feel like I'm actually a part of FFA now. I'm ready to wear Official Dress at any event needed, and excited for years to come!"

Alongside the Greenhands, the chapter was also able to recognize the members earning their Chapter Degrees. This award is the highest award that a chapter can give to its members and they must be second-year members. These people were Alana Fleming, Annabelle Hernadez, Andrew Pingenot, Austin Noe, Grayce McClintock, Izzie Birker, Jazmyn Dods, Juliana Luis, Megan Schlitter, Ryan Shipley, and Spencer Williams.

Another individual recognized was the 40th member to receive the American Degree: Philip Kalina.

Lastly, several members were recognized for their participation in CDEs. District Food Science, District Floriculture, District Horse Evaluation, District Livestock Evaluation, District Agronomy, District Ag Mechanics, State Ag Mechanics, Tristate Dairy, Dairy Cattle Evaluation, District Milk Quality, District Soils Evaluation, and several State Fair competitors were all recognized for their achievements.


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