The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is known as "Giving Tuesday." It's a global event that is held on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It follows the crazy shopping weekend of Black Friday and redirects our thoughts back to kindness and giving.

In this business, it's just another "Newsday."

You all enjoy Vinton Today. Vinton Today has been the go-to for current happenings in the community. If anything urgent is happening, Vinton Today knows. If you have questions, you send a note to Vinton Today to find out the answers.

On Giving Tuesday, please consider a donation to Vinton Today. It's tight right now for everyone, I know. if everyone who reads this website would contribute just a small amount each month, through your bank, that would be great help to cover expenses, like the monthly fees that are necessary for Vinton Today.

While I do the work of all the people located in a building downtown labeled as the newspaper, I function on the kindness of you, the readers. I don't have a subscription cost to read the site, although I am considering having to do that, but I really don't want to.

I watch all year long as I run events happening around us free of charge. Only to see a large paid ad running in the rag downtown. Then I see a follow-up thank you ad, both of which would pay for the internet bill or the phone cost for a month here, sometimes both.

There isn't a funeral notice that appears after the event on Vinton Today. these are ALWAYS published before the event...AND they shared FREE. This too might have to change. But again, I don't want to have to do that.

The community has been great in supporting Vinton Today over the last almost 14 years. However, I think perhaps, I've let you all think that this service runs free.

A few weeks ago the unplanned purchase of a computer was needed. Now, fortunately, there was enough in the bank to cover that. However, Bidenomics is catching up here. I know we keep hearing how great everything is, but it's not being reflected in this business. It's tight all the way around.

Ideally, it would be great to be able to hire some help, but that is so far out of the budget that it's a dream at this point...Unless enough would donate on a regular basis, like a subscription that you would pay for other news sites or online subscriptions.

Take a few minutes, toss around the idea of making a donation each month to Vinton Today.

If you want to have a check mailed, send it on to:
Vinton Today, P.O. Box 7, Vinton, Iowa 52349

You can also send donations through Venmo at THIS link @Vinton Today

I want to thank those of you who do drop a note with a gift throughout the year. Often I have my head down at the computer writing and gathering information and I forget to mention all of you here. The notes make me smile throughout the year, thank you for those!

To everyone for your kindness, words of encouragement and all the news tips throughout the year.

On this giving NewsDay, don't forget your local news source!

Please note that donations toward Vinton Today are not tax deductible.


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