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Dr. Nafissa Cisse Egbounye, the Blackhawk County Public Health Director as part of the news conference on Thursday answered several questions about the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus at Tyson's plant as well as concerns in general.

I listened half-heartedly because I'll be honest, I can only take so much doom and gloom, and boy it's been coming in hot and heavy. In between processing comments, and email and answering questions and filtering through the Facebook page, I heard, "Don't spray Lysol on your food." What? Did she just say what I think she said?

She added, "We've had calls about that."

Of course, she could also say, "Don't consume fish tank cleaner," because apparently we need to say that as well.

As a society, with all kinds of information at our fingertips, we have become, well, gullible and dare I say a bit ignorant in the common sense department?

Let's recap. If it's food, eat it. If it's meant to clean something, DON'T eat it. I could also add, don't lick doorknobs, eat dirt, or cough in someone's face.

There are also things I want to add like this. If you're wearing an N95 mask, can you please tighten it down on your nose, I mean it kinda defeats the purpose if air comes in around it. Inside Edition just did a story about a support group following all the rules. They are wearing a mask and gloves and meeting outside...and the gal they interview has her mask under her nose. Fail.

Inside Edition itself is just as bad. While interviewing people in a car with a boom mike, (those are the ones on a long arm, like the selfie sticks) they take the cootie filled mike and shove it in the car window in the faces of those in the car.

In general, the message has been from the media , in my opinion, 'If you go out, you're gonna diiiiieeeee!" In reality, the idea has been, those that are elderly, and those that have compromised health COULD die from complications of the disease.

The idea of "flattening the curve" has been not that we're gonna kill the virus, but that we're trying to slow the spread so that we don't all get sick at once.

I don't know, maybe spraying Lysol on your yard MIGHT help, I doubt it, so don't make a run on Lysol.

As humans we are quick to believe everything we hear. The narrative from the big guys, and yes I consider the TV stations the big guys, has been to scare the stuffings out of everyone.

Quite frankly, if you are old, if your immune system is compromised, if you have diabetes, if you are in lousy health, and it's flu season, you are at risk. You should stay home.

Sure, COVID-19 might pack more of a punch than other flu strains, but it's still a viral infection that has to run its course.

I don't think I'm wrong when I say, "treat this like you would any other flu season." Use common sense. If you get sick, don't panic unless your body is more at risk than a healthy person. Even then, lots of fluids and rest is probably still going to be your best friend. Try cutting out the junk food and eat a little better. That's probably why God gave us those fruits and veggies He knew they would be better for you than the monster cookie that I just tried from Fareway, which by the way wasn't too shabby! (They are located near the produce aisle)

So please folks, save the Lysol for cleaning things and use salt and pepper on your food!

And when you end your day, take a moment to thank God that you live in a country with the best healthcare system in case you get so sick that you really do have to be hospitalized. Say a prayer for those in the trenches especially in NYC and other areas with dense populations. Say a prayer for our leaders for wisdom they need in the decisions they are making.

Then when you get up in the morning, peek out the window and if you don't see someone hacking up a fur ball, go outside and take a deep breath and thank God again for another day then enjoy the fresh air! A good mental attitude and fresh air can't lead you wrong!

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