Dear Editor,

I can't keep quiet anymore. Approximately FIVE MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS have infested OUR great country. Now our so-called "leader" says, "Don't just show up at the border!" Really?? For about 5 minutes he had an Asylum Plan. Ran across the bottom of the screen on the SCRIPPS NEWS, and "Poof," it was gone. ??? DUH!!! He must have lost his note cards in his garage...maybe in his little corvette. Those pesky papers can get lost anywhere.

I say, Let's get David Copperfield or the little old lady who lives in the shoe or anybody else to make this ludicrous pair, who now reside in the White House, disappear asap!! Joe can barely walk through an open door. Didn't anyone notice that after his speech about our money being safe? He shuffled, and his shoulder brushed the molding. Where-oh-where is VP Harris? Can she only come out to play when there's something she can't screw up? What a pair...Simple Simon and Mary had a little lamb!!THIS COUNTRY IS CRUMBLING!! Hasn't anyone noticed? It's not just houses in California that are sitting on the edge of extinction. We all are!! And if you are naive enough to believe everything is coming up roses...LOOK MORE CLOSELY!! The roses are dying. [Sorry NG and RL but only DeSantis can save us. ]Peggy Kelley


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VB March 14, 2023, 12:45 pm There's not one politician that's going to save us. It's up us, we the people, to save ourselves! Nobody we have elected is running this sh!tshow. Red vs. Blue is all just a big distraction. Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, the WHO, Blackrock, Vanguard, and the people that attend the Bilderberg conference are the ones running our world into the ground for their own greedy, evil reasons. They used the covid pandemic to make billions of dollars off of it. Do your damn research people! They want to control everything, what you eat, what you can buy, where you can live, your finances, your children...everything!!
Until people figure this out and stand united, we don't stand a chance. They've done everything possible to divide us, by race, politics, religion and social class. Everything that divides us has been conjured up by them. They control the narrative through mainstream media...because they own all of the major networks & control what you do and do not see. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! If people continue to believe what they see and say on TV and continue to turn their heads from the people that this government have discredited, if they refuse to listen to the people the government are calling conspiracy "theorists", then there is absolutely no hope for our country, our future, or our children and grandchildren's future. Transhumanism, is this what you people really want? WAKE UP!
SG March 14, 2023, 1:13 pm I think our state needs to invest in some mental health programs.
MP March 14, 2023, 3:23 pm Thank you for speaking the truth VB!
DL March 14, 2023, 4:40 pm PG(?) and VB, you two are something else. With all of the viscously fascist things that DiSantis has done in Florida, you think he needs to be running this country? Not since George Wallace, has there been a more tyrannical governor in this country. He retaliated against the largest employer in his state, because they said they disagreed with him. You don't see this as an issue, because you have been brainwashed into believing they can do no wrong. The Freedom of Speech clause in our Constitution is meant to keep our government(s) from any type of retaliation for things we say about them. Disneyland has been punished for disagreeing with the government. That is the backbone of fascism and communism ideology. If it weren't that you are brainwashed, I'd call you hypocrites.
SG March 14, 2023, 5:17 pm DL do you really think making Disney pay TAXES for the first time in more than 50 years is Fascist?
PK March 14, 2023, 8:50 pm Sorry...When I wrote my opinion, I meant NG and DL. Guess I've been away too long. BUT I'M BACK and as feisty as ever!! One of you made an accurate comment. We do have to look out for ourselves and do that however we can. That's why we vote SMART! [Oh, by the way, please spell the next president of the united States name correctly: It's Ron DeSantis.] Thanks ever so much!! If our "senile" president ran the country like DeSantis runs Florida, there would be other Democrats to chose from besides him and a gay man and a former president's wife. That selection makes me cringe!! [I recall my parents being shocked that a Roman Catholic might win the White House. Horrors!!] And with the exception of FDR, Kennedy was probably the most intelligent Democrat in history. 'Cause it sure wasn't Clinton or Carter! Let's look at some of the problems we have now. Women are returning to work. Biden says, "Great!" Families have to eat and buy gas and pay rent. Right?? Illegal immigrants are still bombarding the borders along many of our cities. [Watch Scripps News. They do an excellent job of covering the border situation!] You should see what a shambles they've made of those border cities...Shameful! My great-grandchildren will still be paying for them. There have been 110 mass shootings thus far in 2023. I hear you...Biden is proposing several new gun laws. Look carefully at them. JUST BAND-AIDES, people. Now, I'm still RED-HOT over Biden's plan to eliminate student loan debt. I read the papers I SIGNED my name to. I knew I had to repay them. It wasn't always easy, but I did. It was the way I was raised. And for those of you who agree with Biden, it is going to cost the taxpayers over 400 billion dollars for three years. The worst part is...millions of these taxpayers paid off their student loans. Ain't that a kick in the pants? I've watched many citizens interviewed, and they believe that we should not send anymore $$$ to the Ukraine. Weapons...YES! Dollars...NO! When-oh-when are we going to get a president who wants to spend resources on poor families and senior citizens and military vets rather than foreign countries and people who DO NOT belong here? I am growing so tired of trying to show compassion for these people who come here for a better life when they are ROBBING OUR CITIZENS of a better life!!

Can we survive another two years with a clearly weak-minded president and a VP who has even disappointed her own party? I pray we can!

And DL...You have a very distorted viewpoint on DeSantis. You look for the worst and not at his strengths. Floridians and millions of others believe he has many strengths the USA needs. If you want to see the WORST, look at the White House now!! Trump would have been better. At least we would have had the wall!!

When spring arrives, I can guarantee you won't like driving by my house.

**And before I get nasty responses about my "gay" statement, I only referred to Mr. Buttigieg from Biden's Department of Transportation. Okay ??
GB March 15, 2023, 6:41 am DL,
You are the last person who should be calling anyone a fascist..
You have always sunk to this level of name calling and inaccurately quoting the Constitution and case law. If anyone has displayed "Fascist" views and opinions, it would be you, sir. Just because someone wants to have a sovereign country and strong borders doesn't mean they are fascist or communist. What it does mean is that they love this country and the freedoms we have as Americans. Like it or not, the United States is not a socialist country yet and I pray it never becomes that.
You clearly do not appear to have a very deep understanding of political parties and their values. If you did, you would realize that the very things you claim others do be are far more in line with the opinions you express. Maybe it makes you feel better inside to call others "Fascists", "Communists" or "racists" Yet it far clearer to most of everyone else, those titles could far more easier by given you yourself based on some of the nonsense you post.
You do a far better job of talking about missing cats in Vinton and conspiracy theories about cat snatchers terrorizing Vinton. At least you made more sense.
PK March 15, 2023, 7:56 am DL...Fascist: Tyrant...Dictator...Nazi...Complete power...Forcibly suppressing opinion or criticism. Example: Mussolini 1922-43

DeSantis?? Really?? You better tell Floridians because he won a second term by over a million votes. [Unlike you...They knew something!!]

The difference between Biden and DeSantis is that DeSantis can walk and talk and think at the same time. He knows what plans are [plural].

Have a pleasant day in your little world!!
DC March 15, 2023, 9:07 am The left should be happy Disney is paying taxes after 50 years. After all,shouldn't big business pay their fair share?

Dave Coots
PK March 15, 2023, 1:41 pm Go GB and DC!! So happy to be back!! Aren't the "correct" opinions just GRRReat??
DL March 15, 2023, 5:15 pm GB, It's you sir that doesn't understand politics or the political spectrum. Fascism isn't a political party! Conservatism isn't a political party! Liberalism isn't a political party! A political party is a group of people that share the same political ideology. The ideology of a party can change over time. Except Republican Party of The United States, chose not to share what their ideology is, in our last presidential election. They had no platform! My theory on why that is, is that it doesn't have anything to do with Conservatism. It used to be that a person that didn't agree with a majority of a party's ideology, they would choose to be an Independent. But now, most Independents just don't want to be called political nicknames. Another thing that makes it obvious that you don't know anything about political ideologies and how they fall on the political spectrum is that you think I have a far-right ideology. Fascism is the extreme right on the political spectrum. The ideology of fascists is the most extreme of the right wing. Oh, something I failed to call you on, awhile back. You claimed that our Constitution ISN'T a working document. The fact that you can't figure out that it IS a working document, is shameful. Our Constitution was ratified in 1789. Already, just 2 years later, it was AMENDED (changed) with the addition of the Bill Of Rights. After that, it's been AMENDED (changed) 17 more times in the following 201 years. One Amendment even went as far as to completely cancel a previous Amendment.

Dave Coots. Could you have possible taken my point any more wrong. The state of Florida made the deal with Disney, over 50 years ago. I, absolutely, don't understand why they would do that. But they did. My point was that the government of Florida retaliated against Disney, because they stated an opinion on something that the Florida government did. That is the exact definition of a violation of the 1st Amendment to our Constitution. The reason that Disney hasn't challenged it, is that the Florida government could lie, and say that they were going to violate the contract with Disney, anyway. But, there's not a single soul, on the face of this earth, that would believe that a "republican" would raise taxes on the largest corporation in that state.

PK (haha) Well, you just don't have much of a clue.
GB March 15, 2023, 10:22 pm DL,
I see you posted another extended version of the perverted reality you live in. Again, I skipped over most of it. I have have to remember how twisted the comments you make are. I keep in mind you were the one who bought the garbage Biden spewed about "scrambling" the communication being sent from the Chinese spy balloon back to China (because Biden said so.) Yet you got that wrong too. That might work in the science fiction movies you watch but that isn't how it works in real life. It was China who scrambles their signal being sent (so it can't be intercepted) and China who unscrambles the signal at the receiver. We do the same thing with our highly sensitive communications. Everyone does it.
It was more entertaining reading your mystery writing about a "cat stalker" creeping around Vinton at night kidnapping your cats. Did you ever think that maybe your cats felt they were living with a person with perverted views of reality and simply felt like it's time to leave? You misquote case law and twist it around into what you wish it was (again not reality.) You even idolized Antifa in one comment, comparing them to the Allied Forces who stormed Normandy, France! The only thing that comment told most of us is that we clearly need to spend more money on mental health programs. Maybe that would be possible if we had more fiscally responsible leaders in Washington. Now Biden is sending millions to Ukrain to prop up pension plans. Ridiculous! Biden can't get on or off Airforce One without falling down or up the stairs! The man is a fool! He is the most incompetent and corrupt President this country has ever had. No wonder Carter is a fan of his! Biden took his place as the worst.
Biden and his entire crime family are bought and paid for by the Chinese, Ukrain and even Russia. He took money from so many foreign governments he is politically paralyzed to make a decisive decision. That Spy balloon being allowed to drift across our entire country unchecked had nothing to do with any threat to a civilian population and everything to do with not wanting to upset his Sugar Daddy China. It's only idiots and fools who believe his rhetoric. His cabinet of appointed staff members are a total freak show that any circus would be proud of but I doubt Barnamin Bailey would have them running their show.
DL, You may not believe our current President isn't being laughed at by the entire world yet you would be just one of few. Just like I laugh an the name calling and nonsense you post. I don't believe anyone takes your fascist views seriously.
DL March 16, 2023, 2:21 pm GB, The reason my comments are an all-day read for you, is that I add evidence to the points I make. But, quite frankly, I wouldn't mind on bit, if you stopped reading them, completely. Since you aren't able to understand what I write, it just make sense.

You corroborated my "story" about the balloon. My information came from The Pentagon, not our White House. As you said, our government scrambled all signals that the balloon might've been searching for. Thank you for agreeing with me, in a roundabout kind of way. Even if I had heard it from our White House, it would've been the information that The Pentagon passed on to them. Do you really think that our presidents control everything our military does, daily?

Your dementia and anger are really causing you to fall apart. I have never owned a cat, nor told a story about a "cat stalker" in Vinton. I might've given an example of something, using someone else's cat, to make it simplistic enough for you to understand. Guess that would still be over your head.

Now, one last time. (I'd type this slower, for you to understand, but I have things to do). During WWII, our soldiers were sent to Europe and Northern Africa, to rid the world of Fascism. Both of the Axis power leaders in Europe were fascists. Hitler and his nazi Party were fascists. Mussolini and his Republican fascist party were .... wait for it... fascists. The goal of our solders was to end the dictatorships of both Hitler and Mussolini, and help get the European countries back in order. Just like our soldiers were Anti-Fascists by nature, we still have Anti-Fascists in this country, that commonly attend areas where the American fascists plan to meet. It's been proven, many times over, that between 20-30% of the world's population have fascist ideologies. These Anti-fascists in our country, have the same purpose that our soldiers had in 1940s Europe. They fight the existence of American fascism. Someone, somewhere, shortened their name to Antifa. Kind of like Steve Bannon "shortened" fascism to Alt-Right (shortened = hiding behind the name).

I'm really sick of you calling President Biden a "crime family". You have never given any evidence of any crime. Not even a lie.

It's Barnum and Bailey, not Barnamin Bailey! HaHaHaHaHa

Now, as far as you calling me a fascist. I must not have simplified, my last comment, enough for you. Fascism is a FAR RIGHT ideology. An ideology is the whole of a person's political beliefs. Women's rights, gun control, everyone and every entity paying their fair share for freedom, marriage equality, anti-slavery, Those are all left of center ideologies. They are the majority of the opinions I share in my comments.



1 or Fascism : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.

The rise of Fascism in Europe before World War II
2 : very harsh control or authority
corporate fascism.
DE March 16, 2023, 10:18 am Re: Disney & "paying taxes for the first time in 30 years".

Disney paid for its own infrastructure & services for 30 years. The things that are usually paid for by taxes, y'know?

Now, How much do you think Disney, a business, is going to actually pay in taxes in a red state? Who do you think is going to pick up the difference meeting its needs for services & infrastructure?
PK March 16, 2023, 10:53 am DL...You spout off like a teapot when the topics and opinions get too hot. I agree with GB and DC! If anyone is a radical and "out there," it is you. Where did you get educated...China? You obviously don't or can't see where Biden is leading this country...We are on the Eve of Destruction. Recall that old song? Probably plays in Biden's head every night, but he can't hear it. It will take the Republicans three terms to get the country back in shape. And your comparing Ron DeSantis to George Wallace is the biggest joke I've heard in years!! HA, HA!! You wouldn't know a decent man or an excellent politician if you met one. But there is no good example in the White House today! Get your pail and shovel and head for the sunny beaches, then and only then, will you meet one. Get it??
PK March 16, 2023, 10:38 pm DL...UNFORTUNATELY WE ALL DO UNDERSTAND YOU. Maybe because ALL you scribble is NOT worth our time. Life's too short!! My children wrote better gibberish in grade school. [And don't tell me I don't have a clue. I had you figured out one paragraph into your first opinion. A BIG BAG FULL OF HOT AIR!!] At least I'm not suckered into believing the biggest bag of wind who's in the White House right now.
GB March 16, 2023, 11:28 pm DL,
I highly doubt you are getting any information from the Pentagon. That's hilarious! So you watched some talking head on CNN or MSNBC.. Those are clown shows! I'm guessing sooner or later we will be reading a comment posted from you about Trump controlling aliens and that's what is behind cat abductions in Vinton. That would make as much sense as the rest of the nonsense you push off on people as some form of factual evidence you claim to be an expert on. I don't know if you just don't get enough oxygen to think clearly or if you got caught in a screen door as a child and it really doesn't matter. The end result is the same. You really do not know what you don't know.. it's only painful for the rest of us to read the craziness. Then it's like trying to debate with a four year old in a man's body.
GB March 17, 2023, 7:01 am DL,
Do you not realize your posting describing fascism describe what we have coming out of the Democrats in Washington?
"Fascism : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government."

Sounds very close to mask and vaccine mandates.. Let's point out something else that most people could easily be able to follow. It's not complicated. If you have a organization where they are receiving millions and millions of dollars from foreign companies (controlled by those foreign governments) for business where there is no business.. Add in they have no expertise in that business (Ukraine putting Hunter Biden) on the board of an energy company) and being given millions for a skill he does not have would be considered a "kick back" and corruption for the rest of us. Add in the lack of taxes collected from that money and its called tax evasion and money laundering along with wire fraud. The rest of us get prosecuted for things like this. If "The Big Guy" is getting his part of this money right off the top, it's pretty clear to a person with an ounce of common sense that ties the "Big Guy" into his son's corrupt deals. I think that any reasonable person could easily conclude this is a "Crime-Family." There is no business except a son selling the influence of his father to foreign entities. Now just this week it's been found that multiple Biden family members have taken money from a Chinese conglomerate for influence on Joe! There is literally dozens and dozens of these so called business deals coming out, if you actually watch real news.
Now you can continue pretend you live in a different world than the rest of us but you do not in reality. The Biden Crime Family is full of corruption.
One can only conclude our leadership is compromised by the Chinese, Ukraine and even Russia through the so called business deals they make with these foreign entities. It's why a spy balloon was allowed to drift over our entire country and most sensitive sites. It's also why this administration gives Billions to Ukraine and why the harshest response this administration could muster against Russia for taking down our fifty million dollar drone over international water was, "that's unprofessional." We currently have a feeble leader controlled by a bunch of clowns and a greedy crackhead son. The entire world knows it.
DL March 17, 2023, 10:04 am I believe in Freedom of Speech and when I told my employer at the pet store that I wanted to be addressed by my pronouns They/Them I was fired.
GB March 18, 2023, 12:09 pm DL,
How many pets in the pet store have you registered to vote? Just asking?
PK March 19, 2023, 3:00 pm DL...I thank God you don't own a cat!! Can't even imagine one wanting to live with you. I have indoor cats who share my space. All of them have switched quite nicely from being Democrats to becoming Republicans. [I have highly intelligent cats!] I did tell them they would eat a better quality cat food when DeSantis gets into the White House.

Did anyone notice that poverty in America is on the rise? Thus far, thirty-two states have cut food stamps, and grocery prices continue to rise. Food insecurity is continuing to grow among U.S. children. How can Biden and the Democrats justify feeding 5 million illegal immigrants three times a day and NOT help provide food for our poorest families and our seniors? After all, they do belong here!! And can illegal immigrants go to our food banks too? They should be reserved for our people!!

It is unfortunate that President Biden can only focus and address one problem at a time. There are so many problems in this country that need immediate attention. Perhaps his press secretary could advise him on such matters since she is always right on top of things. [Such as whose press secretary she is...O'bama's?? Biden's??]

When VP Harris returned to her former college for a basketball game, she was met with loud BOOS. I think that pretty much sums up our present administration!!
GB March 19, 2023, 4:42 pm PK,
I believe DL has a bunch of cats. He was complaining someone had been taking his and dumping them across the river. My theory is they ran away. I'm sure we will be reading some future post about how Trump conspired to take people's cats.
PK March 19, 2023, 10:40 pm GB...We can only hope and pray that DL will type slower in the future. Less to read and laugh at. I sincerely wish he would either clean his glasses or get his eyes checked, so he could "clearly" see the mess this country is in!!!!!