Well, Monday started with some earth-shaking tremors in the news field. With the firing of both left-wing and right-wing television personalities, Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson, there was almost a canceling effect on the news. 

On the left, there was cheering on the firing of Carlson. On the right it was like, Lemon? Who cares?

I can honestly say that I'm not familiar with either of their work and I only heard from them via soundbites. That's how I heard of Don Lemon's comment that Nikki Haley wasn't in her "prime." I honestly don't know why that didn't bring women down on him on both sides, but I believe it's a "divide and conquer" time for women. We have men like Lemon insulting women, at the same time women are fighting to keep their footing in areas like sports and locker rooms. If they dare to point out that we had to fight to get where we are, or that there isn't any women able to beat a man on their turf, they're labeled as transphobic.

Lemon's statement should have lost him his job, but then again, when he made the statement, I think he was so ignorant that he didn't have a clue what he was even saying. 

As far as Tucker Carlson, all I know is that like Kamala Harris he has an annoying laugh, that some find adorable. As for me, it triggers that "change the channel" button, which is probably why I pass on watching him. I know that's not a good reason, but it is what it is. Let's see I also know that Kevin McCarthy also released unseen January 6th footage to Carlson. Carlson then dared to point out some of the details in the footage but was quickly shut down. You know, conspiracies and all. 

CNN and Fox, companies that used to be polar opposites politically, appear to be getting closer and closer to being on the same page. In a world full of pundits and news shows, and totally useless shows like The View, there is a ton of room online for both of these men to carve out a space for themselves. 

Both men could live happily ever after on what's in their bank accounts. Of course, President Biden just took note of that and said, "Hold my Bud Light."

The real test is being able to make it outside of a label on the door, or a corporation handing you an obnoxious amount of money for the use of your face and name. If both attempt to go it alone, it will be a case of the best man winning. Of course, the two probably also have non competes so that will dim their spotlights for a while. 

Call me crazy, but in a country where we still have free speech, these two men have an opportunity to knock it out of the park. It's not a loss for either of them, it is just another opportunity.

Now let's see which one does that and if either of them whines about how hard life is without their gazillions in guaranteed paychecks. This too will tell you who's a winner. 


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JS April 26, 2023, 7:59 pm We should always be able to view opposite viewpoints. The left is shutting down opposing viewpoints? Why? The reason is they cannot protect their view -- if a more intelligent other view is programmed.

The first amendment is there for a reason. It not only governs government but the rest of us as well...

Publish all viewpoints! Then we will know their true colors.
John Stiegelmeyer
PK April 26, 2023, 10:47 pm Men are still deciding what we as lowly women can and cannot do, or haven't you noticed lately? Only now they let the men in the black robes make the decisions [and then they smile and agree]. There was a man in Ohio who ran for the House or Senate. He believed women's right to vote should be repealed. Women were only fit to stay home and raise the children. [I guess being a teacher would be out in his world.] We were supposed to hang over the backyard fences and exchange recipes. That's a picture in my mind I'd like to avoid. I'm thrilled to say he lost!! I believe women are quite capable of being well informed and making wise decisions about who to vote for. And I think I can do it without the advice of the prune-faced ladies on "The View." Most men think women
know nothing about sports or cars or carrying on any intelligent conversation about anything going on in the world. I have a dear friend who can tell a mechanic what "exactly" is going on with her car. She can make the actual noises. {She's not standing by the side of the road and freaking out like a man would assume a woman would do.] I'm going to be 75 shortly. I grew up with grandparents who loved baseball and football, so I watched games with them. I knew about the Bears with Billy Wade and Mike Ditka; the Packers with Bart Starr and Paul Horning; the Pirates with Roberto Clemente; the Cardinals with Stan-the Man-Musial and so on. How many men know the team and the 4 players called the Fearsome Foursome... Without looking it up? Who were the players on the 1970 NBA Champions New York Knicks...Without looking it up? I knew sports! I know what's going on in the world. So do most women. Many many women work outside the home and then go home to work more at night. It's almost a necessity these days. "It's a Man's World" is an outdated expression!! It's a shame they don't know it!!
PK April 27, 2023, 6:59 am As always...Well said, John!!!
DE April 27, 2023, 10:26 pm Yeah... no. Lemon & Carlson are not the same.

NJG May 8, 2023, 7:20 pm John, please explain what you mean by the left is shutting down opposing view points. I definitely have no problem at all hearing opposing view points. That is probably what you hear from Fox and it isn't true.

As far as Lemon and Tucker, Tucker is a racist, Putin lover and should have been off the air a long time ago. As for Lemon I used to watch him when he had his evening show and I never heard anything like his Haley comment which was disgusting. The thing is, he is a gay man and obviously knows nothing about women.

Most red states want to make guns available to anyone who wants one. They always talk about people with mental issues being the problem, and guns are not the problem. So then why make guns available to people who are mentally ill? Abbot of Texas recently said he was embarrassed because California residents were purchasing more new guns than Texas residents. His reply to that comment was "Come on Texas." All this right wing blather about "More guns will make us safer is BS." Look around, does it look like Americans are safer? Texas has an 18 age limit on buying a hand gun but no such restriction on AR-15s. I just heard the comment that every time we go out we are all part of Russian Roulette for who is next to be killed. So sad that this country has come to that. All the prayers in the world will not stop this. Other countries are advising their residents not to travel to the US because of all the murders. What does that do for the tourism industry? The latest gunman in Texas had a patch on his shirt "RWDS" Right Wing Death Squad.

Norma J Gould