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As I was drinking my first cup of coffee this morning, Good Morning America came on.  I usually watch the first hour to hear the top news stories.  My mind was trying to comprehend everything I was hearing.  It was too difficult.  I thought, THIS WORLD IS GOING CRAZY!!  [Knowing how slanted my opinions are to "some" readers,  I will now inform you that I am writing this as an ordinary citizen of Iowa and the United States.]  Here goes....

We this current world...a man who is striving to become a modern Adolph Hitler.  Of course, I am referring to Putin of Russia.  I believe that he has read Hitler's manifesto Mein Kampf too many times.  Why does he feel the need to take over and destroy another country?  Power??  A claim on a place in history??  What??  The shocking part is that the man continues to protest that he has committed no war crimes.  Anyone who has watched
the news for the last year is well aware that infants, toddlers. young children, teenagers, and old people have been slaughtered.  Those are the regular people.  Then there are all of the soldiers who have fought and died for their Ukraine and its freedom.  Where will it end?Another crazed leader the world must deal with and watch closely is Kim Jong Un of North Korea.  Recently joining him on his balcony overlooking his hoards of followers is his daughter Kim Ju-ae.  It is the fear of many nations that he is jealous of Putin's power.  Biden and the leaders of Taiwan and Japan and South Korea "requested" that he quit firing so many missiles.  [This was after one missile landed in the ocean close to Japan.]  The North Korean leader flexed his muscles and shot off 7 the following day.]  The United States was recently informed that Kim Jong Un has developed missiles that could reach the United States.]  Where is his crazed mind headed?It is Monday, May 8th, and we have had 199 mass shootings in our country.  Twenty years ago, who would have dreamed a person couldn't go to their bank in the morning or sit in a waiting room before their doctor's appointment without being shot?  Now in 2023, you can't turn around in a person's driveway, can't ring a doorbell at the wrong house, turn on your leaf blower, or let a  basketball roll into a neighbor's yard.  Don't politely ask the man next door to shoot his automatic weapon somewhere else because the noise is frightening your baby.  The result is five dead people.  [The shooter had been deported 4 times.]  Take a trip to the mall with your family on a beautiful sunny day.  In the parking lot, a man jumps out of his car with an automatic weapon and begins spraying bullets in every direction.  Eight dead and 7 more injured...three of those in critical condition.  [The 33-year-old shooter was a White Supremacist.]  So...the arguments continue over gun control.  Even IF citizens could no longer purchase guns, people who genuinely want to harm or kill people would still find a place to buy them: the trunk of a car, someone's garage...  Gun Control will never mean the same thing to different people.  Maybe mental health and HATE in this country are our biggest problems!!Now to politics...  Everyone who has had the "privilege" of reading my opinions about the topic knows who I am for in the next election.  So, I will continue on here unbiased.  [Well...I'll try!]  We haven't even made it as far as the final P/VP candidates yet, and it's getting ugly!!  Looking at the three Democrats makes me cringe.  [He's too old.  We aren't clear on Kennedy.  Who is she?]  And then the Hunter Biden mess gets tossed in.  Harris's image needs to be improved.  That's all we hear.  Then the Republicans are a stellar bunch.  Really, I only know two.  So why the heck do we have or need these "unknowns" hanging around? 
Donald Trump has a number of legal problems leaving him teetering on the edge of being the nominee again.  One would assume that Trump would go after Joe Biden and the Democrats.  Not so!  He is digging up everything about Ron DeSantis almost back to his childhood.  His best but false campaign ad talks about  DeSantis and Social Security and Medicare.  So all the seniors are stunned and panicked.  If you listen closely to the ad, it was when DeSantis was in Congress.  NOT as governor!  Stretch the truth...That's what Trump does best!  Seems to me Trump is more worried about DeSantis than about Biden.  Apparently, Donald Trump is unaware of his biggest tragic flaw: Narcissism.  Anyway, this entire Start to the 2024 election is giving me a stress headache!THE BORDER...Need I say more?  No, but I will.  We already have over 6 million illegal immigrants in this country.  Too many!!  President Biden is sending 1,500 troops to the border because Trump's Title 42 is ending this week, and he's "concerned" that over 10,000 of these illegals will cross the border every day.  [The weekend of April 29th...22,000 crossed the border.  This email came from Congresswoman Ashley Hinson.]  It would be a blessing to believe first, that Joe Biden cared about the border and second, that these troops would STOP THE FLOW, but they won't.  The troops will not mix among them, nor will they have any law enforcement authority.  They are there only to help with paperwork for asylum.  Really??  I think the 6 million that are already here missed a step.  For most of our citizens, compassion has run out.  Mayors of New York City, Chicago, Yuma and other cities are pleading for help and more resources.  The mayor of New York City [a Democrat] said, "Crossing our fingers and hoping everything is going to be okay isn't working!"  Anyone here in America who believes these people aren't a huge problem has their head buried in the sand.  We are feeding them, housing them, clothing them, and providing them with healthcare.  Do you think you aren't paying for this?  I wish I could see the same compassion given to our poor, our seniors, and our vets who fought for our country!!Now to the new King and Queen and all the hoopla over in Britain.  All of the Royal Family looked stunning...a magnificent scene.  But I never thought that an "in-the-shadows mistress" would ever become the Queen.  Will wonders ever cease?Rounding out my topics covered is the Kentucky Derby.  Amazing to see a 15 to 1 shot win.  But what about the 7 dead horses...2 on derby day?  Very unusual, I say.  Guess idiocy can occur anywhere.  Please notice that I did not mention the topics concerning pronouns, locker rooms, or various sporting events and who may take part.  [I'm not stupid!] Time to hit the keyboards guys and gals. Hope I didn't ruffle too many feathers!  Ta Ta for now...Peggy Kelley 


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DL May 8, 2023, 4:45 pm It seems that you, and our Congresswoman think that members of our military can play law enforcement, on our soil. That is not the case, at all. Our state militia, more commonly known as the National Guard, and our Coast Guard are the two entities that can legally enforce the laws of our country. If our military is enforcing laws, it would mean that we would be under Martial Law. At that point, our Constitution goes into a suspended state. The only laws are then determined by our military, and/or the dictator that has overthrown our government. Think of all the time that our Boarder Patrol has to spend doing paperwork for each incident they are involved in. That takes them away from actually patrolling the boarder. If that paperwork can be done by someone else, maybe our boarder could be a little less porous. Is this going to fix the border? No, no it won't. But it will make it better. If the R's in Congress would allow all of the available technology to be used on our border, it would go a long way towards fixing it. Currently, our ports of entry can only check 1 out of every semi-truck for human trafficking. With technology that's available, they'd be able to check 100% of those trucks. That would be a good start.
PK May 8, 2023, 5:00 pm Just a pleasant addition. Governor Abbot of Texas today mobilized his "Texas Tactical Border Force." Unlike the troops Biden is sending to the border for his so-called "HELP"...Abbot's troops are to repel the immigrants and will raise up wiring.


**Guess who has allowed the biggest influx of illegal immigrants into our great country EVER??

**And the winner is... that crooked old man in the White House now.
PK May 8, 2023, 7:25 pm DL...I didn't realize that you were an expert on the border control and the guards there. You should have given us that information early on. As far as I can tell, by watching the border on the news [time and time again], most of the guards have watched the illegals hop, skip, and jump across the border. But they really started running when Biden took office. [2.6 million in his first six months in the White House] I think he said, "Come one; Come all." Didn't he??

I guess you are one of those people who believe this influx of misfits isn't costing America a thing!
DL May 9, 2023, 4:22 pm PK, The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. Federal Law 18 U.S.C. 1385, updated in 1956,1981 and 2022. No member of the Army, Airforce, Navy, Marines or Space force, cannot enforce the laws of the United States of America, on the soil of such. Does a person really need to be "an expert" to know the laws of our country? I prefer to just know that I payed attention in school. The fact that the law was just updated last year, helped too.

Oh, Governor Abbott has every right to activate the Texas National Guard, to enforce any of our laws that he sees fit. It's rather curious as to why he's waited this long.
PK May 9, 2023, 10:54 pm DL...I believe I was 110% supportive of Governor Abbott. Check!! If you are "hinting" that I might not be "educated" I AM!!! I have an A.A. from Kirkwood, a B.A. from UNI, a B.A. from Mt. Mercy, and a B.A. from Wichita State. [I might add: Magna Cum Laude] I also have 25 graduate hours and a thesis started towards my M.A.

Sometimes people are more informed and more intelligent in different areas than others. Understand?? I don't need any degrees to know this president and his senility are flushing this country down the toilet!!!

Thanks ever so much for your mini-lectures!!!
GB May 10, 2023, 7:55 pm Well put PK. Mini lectures is what DL does. Most of the time he twists the facts to fit his agenda. In this case (one time) he is mostly correct. Yet with any legal answer, it depends. There are always exceptions.
He believes it is interesting that the Texas Governor waited so long.. Yet missed the whole point. One with the intelligence above a "Nit-Wit" would have first asked the same of Biden who created this mess to begin with.
It is the primary responsibility of the Federal Government to control the border and protect its citizens. That is the first and most important job of our government. Biden and his pack of clowns are not only incompetent, they are also totally ineffective at everything! Combine the incompetence with the deep corruption of the Biden Crime Family taking dirty money from every shady country in exchange for favorable policies and it only gets worse. It's threatens the national security of this country. A corrupt and compromised President by the Chinese, Romania, Ukraine and even Russia is exactly why Biden allowed a Chinese Spy Balloon to drift over our entire country, monitoring our most sensitive communications and taking photos while transmitting it all in real time back to China.
At some point, someone is going to have to clean up the mess this Biden Crime Family and it's pack of clowns have made of this country in just a couple of years. It will likely be a Republican. The same idiots who fail to stand up against what they know is wrong now, will be the same idiots throwing out every lie and made up scandal when hen a Republican starts to clean up the mess. We used to consider that a mental illness. Some of us still do..
NJG May 10, 2023, 9:08 pm Peggy, you may brag about your education but my Dad used to always say being book smart doesn't mean you have common sense. That obviously could be your problem.

Norma J Gould
PK May 11, 2023, 1:21 pm NJG...So what is your problem? My "common sense" tells me this country is a mess! I'd say anyone who supports Joe Biden has ZERO common sense!!!!
PK May 11, 2023, 3:43 pm Did anyone hear the Head of Homeland Security and President Biden say yesterday on camera that, "OUR BORDERS ARE NOT OPEN"??? [SINCE WHEN?????????????] The old guy said today, "Things will be a mess for a while." Really? When wasn't their a crisis at the border? BEFORE BIDEN TOOK OFFICE!!!

For all of you who get SS checks, save as much as you can from this month's check. Biden's playing with our ability to buy our medicine, pay our bills, and buy food. He's too busy reminding everyone, I'm the President!"

WHAT I REALLY RESENT is paying $310 a month for a good supplemental insurance in case I have a major crisis such as a stroke or heart attack. Sure, you can get a cheaper plan, but then you get stuck with a bigger bill. [I saw my father's bills over his Medicare and his Blue Cross after he died.] These 6 million illegals get total healthcare. Like I have always said, In this country now the illegal immigrants get treated better than our poor, our seniors, and our vets!!

And you don't need common sense to understand that!
PK May 11, 2023, 6:46 pm I've seen everything now. A woman [Democrat] said we need to take these illegals in because they face poor conditions and hunger where they're from. Oh, come on! Think about all our school children in this country. Sometimes those two meals at school are all the food they get. [If those programs aren't eliminated by spending cuts.] We have millions of OUR citizens who live in horrific conditions and face hunger every day.


I have this vision of a steamroller with a trailer behind it full of food. It rolls over a crowd of OUR poor hungry people and starts handing out the food to the illegal immigrants.

PK May 12, 2023, 8:23 am We can expect 300-500 illegal immigrants to arrive in Iowa in the next few months. Iowa is a GREAT state!! When you look at the other 49 states,
Iowa stands out. We have wonderful people who look out for each other in hard times. Our children have the chance for an excellent education from pre-school through college. Our farms add to our beautiful scenery. In Iowa you can still see smiles on people's faces and hear a "Hi." I was born and raised here; and even though I left for a number of years to teach in Kansas,
I came back in 2007 because I love my state!! Throughout the years, our great governors like Robert Ray, Terry Branstad, and now Governor Reynolds have fought to help our people blend into a place we are proud of. We DO NOT need to use our state's resources to provide a roof, food, clothing, and healthcare for these people. In helping them, WE CAN DESTROY WHAT WE HAVE!!
PK May 12, 2023, 5:16 pm I just watched interviews with people in Eagle Pass, Texas and Brownsville, Texas. A farmer has illegals all over his farmland leaving water running and trash everywhere. They just stare at him. One woman said four of them came up to her front door demanding things and staying around the house. Towards dark, one was peeking in her daughter's bedroom window. She was scared. Another took her daughter to the ER. They were swamped with illegals. All those interviewed said,"We are on our own here."

The cameras showed the edge of Brownsville. You see nice homes, and right behind them are hundreds of illegals, tents, and trash. It's extremely sad for the residents.

Over 6 million illegal immigrants are in OUR United States right now, and the number is going up as I write this. Time is passing. How long are we going to provide "everything" for these people? Are we going to provide them with jobs, homes, and education? [SIX MILLION OF THEM?] Many of these illegals are drug dealers, rapists, murderers, and thieves.

If I sound upset, I am!! I am livid!! Our country is being invaded by an infestation of people who can destroy this nation!!!


over 6 million
PK May 14, 2023, 8:28 am SURPRISE...Guys and Gals...

I have always stated that our fearless leader was responsible for this mass "infestation" of these misfits crossing into our country. [They say you learn something new every day.] Well, yesterday I did.

Got an email from congresswoman Ashley Hinson. And to check her information, I looked it up.

One of the first 17 things Joe Biden did on HIS FIRST DAY IN OFFICE was to roll back key border security policies that stopped illegal immigration and kept our borders secure.

So...I have always been right. President Biden's "Welcome Wagon" is the cause of one of our country's BIGGEST problems!!!!!

And IF you think this isn't going to cost us BILLIONS of taxpayers' dollars, YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!
GB May 14, 2023, 1:49 pm Anyone want to bet the Biden Crime Family (controlled by Hunter) took money from the Cartels also??? That would explain everything on our southern border...