I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who continue to send in donations toward Vinton Today. If you look inside my car, you'll find a post-it note hanging on my mirror with a note that one of you sent. In my visor, you'll also find another note that someone sent in along with their donation. And in the cover of a notebook that I use for another event, I have notes from a bunch of you that you've sent in along with a check. These notes are if you haven't guessed pretty special to me.

I spent a lot of time in the car on Saturday traveling for a funeral and like most of you, I did the whole distracted driving thing. Cleaning up the car a bit and seeing what was in my car. I found other notes that I had kept, so I put them with my cache of things to take into the house.

This job is one of the weirdest ones that you can probably ever have. It depends on me collecting all of the tidbits of news, and pictures and sharing them with you. It also depends on what comes in my email or via Facebook. Sometimes there are days I spend making up ads so I'm doing that while thinking about what else I need to do.

A couple of times a month, I pop into the post office to collect the checks that keep my lights on, the internet bill paid and gas in the car. When I see an envelope that has a personal return address on it, I always save it for last. It's like dessert, you savor it.

Then I usually smile and may or may not recognize the name on the envelope. I'm constantly surprised by the range of this website. And love the notes from those who are now enjoying Vinton from wherever they are. It's always from someone who used to live here and some have just found the website, which still amazes me.

Again, maybe it's an age thing, but I'm constantly amazed by the reach of this little town to a lot of corners of the U.S. Because this is home, and I can't imagine wanting to live anywhere else, I'm happy to be able to be in touch with all of you that enjoy a bit of Vinton with your coffee.

Feel free to drop an email to share with those of us that love Vinton if you'd like, just to tell everyone hello and where you're reading from if you'd like, and I'll pop it on the Opinion page. Just a little bit of a pen pal version if you'd like. (And now I realize the younger generations probably have no idea what that even is!)

Anyway, thank you all again, for taking the time to drop a note and check in the mail and for your support of this website. It is a pretty amazing endeavor that I'm happy to be part of.

Thanks again.

Here's the email address to drop a note - VintonToday@hotmail.com and the link if you are thinking, "Oh man, I forgot to send a little support for Vinton Today." Click HERE.

Thank you again to all of you, my wonderful readers.



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PK May 30, 2023, 12:07 am Valerie...What would one do without those precious post-it notes? When I was teaching, they were on my podium, my desk, and my file cabinet. When the super bright ones came out, I color coordinated. Talk about organized...I was it!! Every so often, a student would post one, so I would see it. Loved some special moments of teaching!! [17 years ago...Yikes!!!]