Dear Editor:

Donald Trump is now in court charged with among other things, defrauding banks and insurance companies by over-valuing his assets (properties).

I ask the question: As a farmer, I required operating capital from my agriculture Bank loan officer. I had to value my assets as well as my liabilities. I had equity, but not fully owned the farmland I now have. So, did I commit fraud when I valued the land at $8.000 an acre rather than a neighbor's land that sold for less or another neighbor's land that sold for more?

I sign my name at the bottom indicating that to the best of my belief, this was the total of all my assets. I usually got the loan until the debacle of the "80's". At that time I had to switch banks to continue without selling assets.

Anyway, the question is did I commit fraud?; The debts were satisfied - no default occurred. The same as is happening with this court case against Mr. Trump - all got paid no default occurred so what's the rub? Now his New York companies are in receivership because the legal system charged him among other things with fraud. Is it???

Is this a two-tier legal system??? I think you should know the answer, but what say you?? Don't be too quick to criticize. The elite is so afraid of "the Donald" that they will do anything to imprison him for life.

Fairness is a lost cause.

Regards, and blessings

John Stiegelmeyer

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DE October 1, 2023, 5:37 am "All got paid"?

The man declared bankruptcy six or seven times! He didn't pay jack.

PK October 1, 2023, 3:23 pm John...You are supporting Donald Trump for another term in office? I am stunned!!!!! I agree he has not committed ALL the charges against him, but I genuinely believe he has done some "shady" things that break the law. IF he indeed took classified documents that could have weakened our country's security, then he needs to face up to those charges. [When he left the White House into the sunlight, he was an American citizen-like you and me-with no legal right to possess those papers.] He needs to learn that he can't do ANYTHING he wants to do with no repercussions because he is DONALD TRUMP!

I think the reason he won't debate the other Republican candidates is because he thinks he is better than all of them. [There's that Trump ego showing itself again.] Also, he is already talking VP candidates. Did I fall asleep and miss the convention? IF he gets in again, the only people he will care about are the millionaires and billionaires. [You realize that lets US OUT.]

Look closely at him! He's not a spring chicken. He'd be 81 or 82 when he has to leave. [Unless he can pass legislation to be like FDR. WHICH HE COULD NEVER BE!!!]

Enough said about Trump; I just ate!!
PK October 1, 2023, 5:27 pm We have to remember that the definitions of "right" and "wrong" differ in the minds of entitled people and in the minds of us ordinary folks!!
RB October 2, 2023, 1:00 pm 91 felony charges and four indictments! The indictments were from a grand jury and not the liberal elite. The fairness questions is how is he not in jail already? If it were you and me we would have worn out our first jump suit!
DL October 2, 2023, 1:39 pm You want someone to evaluate whether you committed fraud, with the information you gave us? Is that the way your side wants our justice system to work? Base all evidence on the information received from the defendant? Did you hear what Trump said, in his press conference this morning? He said that Mar A Lago was assessed at $26 million a few years ago. The judge in this case used the value of $18 million. Then he went on to say that Mar A Lago is worth 50 to 100 times that amount. I'll help do the hard part. His estimate would mean that he thinks it's worth $1.8 billion. Yes, he said all of this in one press conference.

Do you think that he just made another mistake, when he based the value of his New York penthouse apartment on it being 30,000 square feet. Courthouse records show it to be 10,000 square feet.

What is it that you base your opinion on? How is it that you can say that he's not guilty of fraud? How is it that even though documented evidence keeps piling up against Trump, in 4 different cases, he can go in front of a camera to repeat, over and over, that he's the victim, and you always believe him? He's charged with 91 felonies! If the juries find him guilty of all 91 of them, will you claim that he's innocent of all of them?

A direct response to your question above... If two people plan to rob a bank. They drive to the bank. The driver stays in the car. The other guy goes into the bank, shoots his AR15 into the ceiling several times, gives a teller a note stating that he wants $100,000, then he hears sirens outside, so he leaves the bank. Is the passenger guilty of robbing a bank (conspiracy to...)? Is the driver guilty of Aiding and Abetting (conspiracy of...)?

I'm not sure how you would answer that. Here's why I ask. If Trump did, in deed, commit bank fraud by inflating the value of his properties. But, all loans received by Trump were paid back on time, the bank made money, the stockholders made money, and Trump made money, above and beyond the interest paid. It can be proven that he did this year after year, with "nobody getting hurt" Is he guilty of bank fraud, for illegally obtaining several loans. Does the fact that nobody got hurt by the fraud, make him innocent of the crime he committed?
PK October 2, 2023, 4:20 pm RB...So true!!! I don't think they allow mirrors in prison. That would be a tragedy for Donald Trump. Maybe he could get a choral group together to sing an old Johnny Mathis song from time to time, "Wonderful...That's what you are!"
GB October 2, 2023, 10:24 pm It would be very hypocritical to speak out in support of prosecuting Donald Trump while remaing silent about the crimes Joe Biden and his crackhead son have committed and not demand the same level of accountability from both. I'm not defending Trump either. Yet I watch the same biased prosecutors who were funded by George Soros showboat how no one is above the law, yet not even blink an eye at Crooked Joe. Apparently under the current and very weaponized Justice Department of the Biden administration, some are infact above the law.. it's comparable to a Mob family ratting out their competitors to get them out of the way and this two tier system of Justice should sicken each and every American.
DE October 3, 2023, 5:34 am Biden Biden Biden!

The House opened an impeachment inquiry.

The very first 3 "witnesses" didn't witness anything - best they could manage was to agree an inquiry was is needed.

Maybe if they were relying on actual evidence instead of "look over there!" misdirection from people paid to keep you outraged, they wouldn't be embarrassing themselves like this.

If there was actual evidence, ok, impeach him, jail him, whatever, but how many years of screaming now? So over it. Just another big nothingburger like all the screaming about Clinton. "Lock her up" indeed.
PK October 3, 2023, 1:13 pm How about some SILENT prayers that we have better choices than Biden-Trump #2 in 2024? Wouldn't it be nice IF we could be excited about politics again? RUN ANYBODY ELSE!!! Maybe we could see the genuine problems that face our country and not have to continually focus and argue about the man in the White House.

DL October 3, 2023, 3:23 pm GB, where is this evidence that proves a "Biden Crime Family" actually exists? Yes, if you say it enough times, you'll convince some people that it's true. But, there hasn't been one piece of evidence found, by the Republicans in The House of Representatives, in the 2.5 years, since they started looking. If Hunter Biden is found guilty of a crime(s), then he should be punished with whatever a judge or jury sees fit. But, NOBODY has any evidence that President Biden has committed any crimes.
GB October 3, 2023, 7:35 pm Until we get rid of the radicals in both parties, make it illegal for Congress to make private investments in the same industries who lobby the hell out of them, have term limits AND PUT the corrupt crooks in prison, there will be little to celebrate about politics in this country. The crooks and clowns in DC have sold this country out to line their own pockets with dirty money.
DC October 4, 2023, 10:44 am A sad day in politics for the Democrat party losing their operative McCarthy. I am surprised not keeping your word has consequences in Congress. He did not keep his promises that got him voted in as speaker and his feet were held to the fire. Maybe now the subpoenas for Hunter will be released he was holding back. Just my opinion as I don't receive insider information as some do on these types of things. Now I'm sure the View, CNN, and Morning Joe will have a different view on this.

OH, BTW, I do not watch Fox and do monitor CNN from time to time.

And it's probably Trump's fault.....

Dave Coots
JR October 4, 2023, 12:26 pm I wish Trump would make Joe Biden his VP. They would make a great team! Joe Biden could continue to get rich and Trump could MAGA. It’s a Win win!
PK October 6, 2023, 7:51 am Has anyone noticed that all of a sudden Biden has magically realized we have a BORDER PROBLEM and masses of illegal immigrants are surging in waves into our country? Could he be getting heat from not only the Republicans but also HIS Democrats? If I recall correctly, a few months ago Biden had the bright idea to tear down Trump's partially-completed wall.

Just what is his motivation to build a wall now. Behind in the polls? VP Harris is now-after being dismissed from being Biden's Border Czar-realizing what her responsibilities were? DUH!! Just who has the invisible knife in Biden's back?

I noticed that Governor Abbott of Texas gets around better in his wheel chair than Biden does walking/shuffling. After he announced another round of helping with student loans [Don't get me started on that subject!], he walked into the door jam. Maybe he should have worn his aviator sunglasses.
Those White House doors are so narrow. Right?

Wouldn't the earlier mentioned Trump/Biden pair in the White House be joke? The president who uses super heavy duty hair gel and cans of air spray just so he can look into the mirror every morning and say, Ain't I a handsome devil; and a bald vice president who doesn't know when to get the wisps trimmed. There's good for some early morning nausea!

Guess the US subs are a hot topic now. Let's see how he gets out of this one. Remember...NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. [Except....]