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DE: your post; firstly I never said I did auto body work. However I built an airplane out of aluminum and fiberglass. And after six years of work I flew it for the first time. I do have the experience as I was a jet pilot in the USAF and an airline pilot in all two positions plus Captain amassing over 17,500 hours in the air and over 31 years on the seniority list. I doubt if you can match that. Read my post again, you may learn something. Following are the "Car doctors" credentials. He is not an Apprentice, or a Journeyman, but a Master Auto Technician. I doubt very much if you can match his expertise. Listen on Saturday mornings to KXEL you will hear Ronny. He answers all comers not knowing what problem will come up next. I learn a lot just by listening. I suggest you find the podcast from this past Saturday -KXEL Waterloo.1540 KC.

Just this AM on TV I learned that EVs have a difficult if not impossible time charging in Chicago's cold temps. Then the operators while waiting for an open charger have to cut off the heat to save the battery. I ain't buying one of these unproven expensive vehicles. No wayMore opinion to follow.Regards,John Stiegelmeyer


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GB January 18, 2024, 12:14 am When it comes to Electric Vehicles, there are a lot of problems with them. If they catch fire in a collision, the fire is very difficult to extinguish. The chances of them catching fire in a collision is much greater than with a gas powered vehicle. Like anything else with a battery, the battery only lasts so long before it needs to be replaced. Good luck with that one. It will cost almost as much as a new vehicle. Then find a mechanic that will touch it. Most will not even when they are certified to work on an electric vehicle because of the risks of being electrocuted.
Again for those who believe the sky is falling, we just had our coldest Caucaus on record. Yet I suspect the Libs are running around Vinton in shorts and flip flops because Biden and his clan of mentally challenged clowns have pushed a green energy policy and lined their pockets with lots and lots of money from their personal investments in green energy.

John, thanks for the opinion. I always enjoy reading what you post.
DL January 18, 2024, 1:17 pm GB, I thought we had gone over this before. Global Warming does not mean that the seasonal weather is going to change. But, the weather associated with the specific seasons are moving on the calendar dates of the past. The fact that the average global temperature has increased in all of the last 12 years. That means the globe is warming. You can call that what you want.

Climate Change is something completely different. Climate and Weather are not one-and-the-same. Climates are changing all over the globe, in extreme ways. We've witnessed two of these, right here in Benton County. Before 2012, there had only been 1 derecho recorded in Iowa, in 1888. We've had two, strong, derechos in the last 13 years. Both of them being almost twice as strong as the "average wind speed". Below zero temps in Texas, previously not matched, in recorded history. Twice, in the last 5 years, unexpected, and unprecedented waves hitting the California coastline. Still with no explanation. Hurricanes being more plentiful and stronger, on average, then history tells us.
PK January 18, 2024, 2:57 pm John and GB...Great job...Applause...Applause!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!
GB January 18, 2024, 6:49 pm DL, I thought we have already covered the clown show in Washington and the Whitehouse. You are one of those running around town in shorts and flip-flops because in the world "you" live in, it's 90 degrees outside and not subzero like it is for the rest of us. Not sure why I thought you might feel the same climate as the rest of us. In that world you live in, men can have babies and women can be men. Men should also be able to compete in women's sports and the border should be wide open so the world can live as one believing in Unicorns and criminals should never be incarcerated.
I have always found it difficult to talk any sense into someone suffering from a mental illness. People who are crazy do not know they are crazy. In their world, everyone else is the problem. You should consider adopting a cat. You could say anything you want to a cat. They will never challenge all the theories and confusion you spew to the rest of us and the cat would not care if you lack testicular fortitude as long as you keep feeding it.
Kind regards

PK January 19, 2024, 11:34 am John or GB...Is the head clown's limo electric? If it is, I missed that information. With electric vehicles, people could spend their entire summer vacation waiting in line to get charged. [Wouldn't the kids have a lot of fun in the backseat?]

As long as I am talking about the Head Clown...I wonder how taxpayers are going to feel about Biden's student loan forgiveness plans.] Who do Americans think will be on the hook? Ask these people, "Did you sign those repayment papers?" If they did, apparently their name means nothing. I paid mine off...every single penny. I had many friends who did the same. I RESENT PEOPLE GETTING AWAY WITH THIS!! Didn't the Supreme Court say Biden could not do this? So...

I think it's the clown's attempt to be in the Greatest Show on Earth again. Hopefully his red nose will fall off, and his tent will collapse!!!

TM January 19, 2024, 10:43 pm And in case you want to do some real research DL, here's a link for you to dig into.. take a look at the past events and see how many times you see IA listed as states affected....
GB January 20, 2024, 9:30 am PK,
Bidens plans to forgive student loans is just another vote buying scam by the Democrats. A really big life lesson for everyone is accountability and responsibility. The liberal Democrats fail miserably at this for themselves. If I take out a loan the bank expects me to pay it back and I make all my payments until it is paid back. It does not matter if it is a student loan, a home loan or anything else that is a loan. Every person who takes out a student loan has agreed to pay it back. If that person decided on the wrong career path or the wrong school to attend and can't find a job that pays enough to meet their life style, TOUGH!!! If they became a professional student and attended college for years and years (I know of several) and now it's time to pay up, TOUGH!! PAY THE BILLS YOU OWE!
It is not my responsibility to pay someone else's debt.
The liberal Democrats do not believe in people being held accountable. Look at these places that are lead by liberal democrats. Crime is out of control because no one goes to jail or don't stay in jail. What the hell did those liberal prosecutors and Judges who released those individuals think they were going to do when they released them??? The go out and commit more crime and more citizens become victims. It's not rocket science to figure out. It all comes down to accountability and responsibility. For some reason the same incompetent and worthless politicians keep getting elected in crime ridden areas on the local, state and federal levels. It's a clown show and unfortunately a lot of voters do not understand or take the time to fully know the details of each issue. They just vote for the person they like instead of voting for policies and who can fix problems and make life better for Americans.
Not sure how anyone can look at our current President and honestly tell me, that Presiden sure made life better for any of us, unless of course if you are one of those recipients of a student loan you want the tax payers to be on the hook for or if you are a member of the Biden Crime Family.
PK January 20, 2024, 5:36 pm GB...Thanks!! Another person whose name means something to them!! [If a person couldn't understand the student loan papers, then maybe they shouldn't have been in college in the first place.]