Dear Editor,
What is B.B.B. you ask. If some of you recall some of my contributions to the "Editorial" part of Vinton Today, you may know I coined the letters for BIDEN'S BIGGEST BLUNDER that began with his first day in the White House when he rolled back the border security measures. And his WELCOME WAGON sign started flashing. Come One; Come All...murderers, drug dealers, rapists, pedifiles, gang members, and those who want to sit on your butts and do nothing. We'll take care of you FIRST before our average American citizens...our seniors, our poor families, and our Vets!!!!!
As Biden's 6 months in office rolled around, over two million illegal immigrants had arrived here in the good ol' USA by plane, boat, wagon, or other means such as skipping, leaping, jogging, and so forth. Was Biden concerned about what it could do to our America, the Beautiful? Heck, No!!
Was the Border Czar alarmed...Heck, No!! [I didn't even realize that we had any Czars in America.] And I most certainly did not realize that it was VP Harris. That is not until the President fired her.[I guess he wanted to drop the "mess" in her lap.] But as you might remember, our illustrious VP told the moderator of Meet the Press-about 2 years in-that our border was SECURE. It's the first time I have ever seen that man speechless in all the years I've watched the program.
Now, here we are three years plus in Biden's Biggest Blunder, and the foundation of this country is crumbling. [People who bad-mouthed DeSantis and Abbott finally understand what they have tried to do to keep their states a bit purer America.] But the ever-present danger looms and is finally beginning to wakeup Americans who thought this border "thing" was no big deal. SURPRISE!!!
The number of illegal immigrants that have traversed our border is the same as the population of 36 of our 50 states. [Rough numbers are over TEN MILLION!!!] Watch the news...thousands more cross every day. Is our President concerned? Heck, no!!! [Have another ice cream cone, Joe. And relax!!!]
New York City came up with a "novel" idea. We'll send the kids home to learn with laptops. [Does every student have one?] And what do the families do when they both work? They must scramble to find someone to be in their home with the younger ones. But, Hey...No Big Deal...We can use the schools for the illegal immigrants to live in. And Denver and Chicago have really hit a homerun with their citizens. They are going to use taxpayer funds to help with the cost of keeping the illegals. [And I see this morning that Denver is going to cut back on employees' hours to have more funds for the illegals.] What about the paychecks of their citizens? The President must NOT realize that some people in this country live from paycheck to paycheck. Does he care? Heck, no!!!
Why do Americans have to change their habits and their everyday lives to accommodate these people? Many homeowners have the illegals close by and feel unsafe. Often they leave behind garbage, old dirty clothes, and even feces. Some cities look like garbage dumps. [Part of America...the Beautiful??]
One illegal was interviewed and said to a reporter, "Some of us came here to work. I am here on a vacation taken care of by taxpayers. One illegal, who beat up a NYC police officer, had his bail set at $1.00. Another illegal who murdered a person, is using the defense that he has a disability. HE DOESN'T SPEAK ENGLISH.
What really burns me is the fact that some of the illegal immigrants say they are living in crowded conditions. They are unhappy with the way things are. To use a close quote from a famous novel and film, "Frankly, I don't give a D***!!!!!"

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GB February 28, 2024, 11:26 pm Every single illegal alien who broke our laws and entered our country illegally needs to be deported promptly. There should not be a single cent of tax payer money spent on illegal aliens except to deport them.
Every single elected leader who supported this whole fiasco of open boarders and ignored our laws to allow it to happen, needs to be impeached and put on trial for treason.
This current administration of clowns in the WH are missing over 85,000 children who crossed our borders unaccompanied and handed over to so-called sponsors with no background checks or even basic knowledge or where they are. There should be no doubt that alot of these children are being exploited in child labor and sex trafficking. This will be a stain on the character of our country for decades to come and There is blood on the hands of our leaders who have allowed this to happen as well as every single American who ignores it. Silence is the same as condoning it. I can't imagine a greater sin.
DL February 29, 2024, 2:47 pm GB - When a president opens or closes our borders, or part of our borders, it means that the ports of entries are opened or closed. Trump couldn't get the illegal immigration issue figured out, so late in his term, he closed all legal entry points on our Southern Border (this was illegal for him to do it his way). When Biden opened our ports of entry, he got us legal again. This has nothing to do with people crossing our border at illegal spots. Biden DID NOT change any aspect of how our border is protected. But, the Senate did pass a bill, within the past two weeks, that would have gone a long way to protect our Southern Border. But, Trump told the Speaker of the House to not pass it, because it would give too much credit to President Biden. It doesn't get any more "party before country" than that. I've told you before, that magas don't want to solve the border crisis. They want to keep lying about a campaign issue.

As for the amount of illegal immigrant kids that are missing. The number is around 20,000. A big cause of this is the bussing and flying of these kids, from Texas to several different places in the North.
PK February 29, 2024, 3:32 pm GB...Thanks for the support!!! Maybe Biden should visit Denver, Chicago, and New York City to get a real sample of the filth that is now polluting our America.!!! He is 110% at fault!!!
RB February 29, 2024, 6:59 pm A conservative leaning bi-partisan border bill passed the Senate and was blocked by the House thanks to Donald Trump's urging. Republicans would rather run against Democrats on that issue than protect Americans. Instead of bitching at Biden call your representative and insist they pass the border bill. The Republican Party is a dumpster fire so it may not work.
JS February 29, 2024, 10:21 pm How can anyone support Biden's border policy? How are you demanding to continue to avoid the truth? Joe is a dim bulb. Propaganda is still a lie.
GB March 1, 2024, 12:14 am Thanks PK.
Once again DL chimed in with his free spirited words of unlogical thought. It doesn't require a solid connection to reality to easily conclude our clown in the WH and his freak show of cabinet members have made an abortion out of our borders and tied the hands of our border patrol. If anyone can't see what this idiot has done (like everything else he touches) they clearly are not living in the same reality as the majority of Americans.
GB March 1, 2024, 12:29 am We do not need another border bill for the sake of sending billions more tax dollars to Ukraine. We've already been funding their retirement system and a lot more! Biden has all the power to close the border if he truly wants to close it. It's pointless to pass more laws when this administration refuses to enforce the laws already on the books. To believe another bill passed into law will fix the problem is idiotic at best.

DL, you're numbers of 20,000 are way off. As if 20,000 missing children is somehow acceptable. Really?? Ridiculous! I stand by my numbers of 85,000. It's not difficult to research. Try that.
PK March 1, 2024, 8:46 am GB...Sounds like we have some citizens who would open their doors to these people. My...My!!!

And Biden doesn't know the meaning of the word "LEGAL." Let's start with Hunter.

And DO NOT mistake my ED that I am a Trump fan!!!
GB March 1, 2024, 12:30 pm DL, it only takes a couple of minutes to find this.,in%20the%20past%20two%20years.
PK March 2, 2024, 11:19 am What a FAKE photo shoot in Brownsville, Texas!! The President looking so concerned. [I think his comfy shoes were just too tight.] As you read the "correct" information, the illegals are still crossing the border in RECORD numbers. America...Just what are we supposed to do with these people who are here being taken care of by the taxpayers until they die?? Is this what we are leaving behind for our future generations??