This Saturday night the Bullring Lil Racer Car Club will be OPEN for its final night of the 2022 season, during the track's 5000 to Win Hoker Trucking East Series Late Model Special.

Kids, make sure to stop by the clubhouse and get your prize numbers for our prize drawings, your racing flag, juice boxes, freezer pops and coloring pictures and to take home a trophy of your very own!

One lucky child will become our final 2022 "Lil Racer of the Week sponsored by The Pizza Place of Center Point".

Remember, the club is FREE to all young racing fans under the age of 14! We look forward to seeing everyone again in the Spring of 2023 and will be searching for additional sponsorships to continue our mission. "It's ALL About the Kids!"

-Crew Chief Mitch Swinton

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