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In the Class 3A schools, Benton Community is moving in on the first place slot with only Estherville-Lincoln Central in the way. Estherville's record stands at 7-0, last week they were also ranked number one.

Benton Community's record currently stands at 9-1 in second place, moving up from 3rd place last week.

Center Point-Urbana is in 6th place moving up from 7th place last week with their record at 7-4.

Vinton-Shellsburg girls slipped from 9th place last week to 10th this week. Their record is currently 6-4.

Below are the top 10 teams:
This week's Ranking/Schoo/Record/Last Week's Ranking

1 - Estherville 7-0 1st
2 - Benton Community 9-1 3rd
3 - Unity Christian 5-1 4th
4 - Solon 7-1 6th
5 - West Marshall 8-1 2nd
6 - Center Point-Urbana 7-4 7th
7 - Cherokee 4-1 8th
8 - Des Moines Christian 7-2 12th
9 - Osage 6-1 5th
10 - Vinton-Shellsburg 6-4 9th


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