The Vinton-Shellsburg Girls' Basketball team went to state this year, the first time since 1999. Playing against Estherville Lincoln Central, the girls Class 3A quarterfinals!

#8 seeded Vinton-Shellsburg took down the #1 seeded Estherville Lincoln Central and what a game!

Students were released two hours early to accommodate travel to the girl's state basketball game at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. The school also took a pep bus to the game.

Before the game, Bart and Nick Bruce, were recognized by the team for their Sportsmanship.  Also recognized as one of the sponsors of the games was Farm Bureau who has sponsored the games for the last 18 years.Farm Bureau provides a signature ball to each of the players as a souvenir to remember their accomplishments this year. 

The game while fast paced was a nail biter. At the end of the 1st Quarter the score was 14-2 in Estherville's favor. By half time the score stood at 16 for Vinton-Shellsburg to 20 for Estherville.

It seemed that Vinton-Shellsburg was trying to get a feel for the opposition, Moving into the end of the 3rd Quarter the score stood at 33-29 with Estherville still ahead.As the fourth quarter took off, the Vikettes began the stomping.

Scoring 25 points compared to Estherville's 11 points in the final quarter, the Vikettes kept everyone on the edge of their seats. With 2:22 on the clock in the 4th the score was tied 42-42

Kruetner put point 43 on the board with a free throw followed by Estherville again tying the game with a free throw of their own. 

With less than two minutes on the board, the game is tied. Griffith battles her way to the hoop making a two-point shot, bringing the team to 45. Estherville gets the ball, taking it to the other end of the court, missing their shot the ball went out of bounds and the Vikettes came back in with the ball. 

As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman, "Mistake. Big. Huge!" And the girls took the ball and went to town. At this point the announcer reminded those of us watching that Estherville averages 65 points per game. You can see that even Estherville is asking themselves, "What in the world is going on here???" 

While Estherville was still trying to figure it out Johnson shot another 2 pointer and took off to the other end of the court. Estherville made their final shot of the game, a 3 pointer putting them at 46 still a point behind Vinton. 

At 34 seconds left in the game, points 48 and 49 were shot by Abby Davis. Estherville gets the ball and just for the fun of it, throws it right off the court while their players try to figure out what just happened. 

Vinton ends up bringing the ball back onto the court, with a mere 27 seconds left on the clock. Now the name of the game is to use up all of those fouls on the other team. So Estherville fouls on Griffith handing Vinton a freethrow shot. The team is now standing at 50 to Estherville's 46. 

Estherville tries but cannot get it together again. They foul Griffith yet again, sending her to the free throw line. She thanks them and sinks another 2 points for Vinton and putting them at 52 point over 46, you'd think that would be good enough for these girls. 

With now 8 seconds on the clock, Estherville got greedy and tried for a 3 pointer, and misses. Estherville says, "Let's foul Griffith again, what's she gonna do?"

Griffith tips her hat to Estherville, with 1.6 seconds on the board, Vinton began congratulating themselves as Griffith makes the final 2 shots of the game.  


While the girls get all of the credit for their talent on the court, let's not forget the coaches. If you notice other teams, and watch their coaches you often see a lot of red-faced screaming at the team. On the Vinton-Shellsburg team there appeared to be a lot of controlled calm. Yes the coaches got excited, but not once did any of the coaches lose their cool. 

It shouldn't have to be noted, but the steady performance that our coaches showed gave our girls the support they needed to bring out their very best. When the coach has your back and you know it, you have all that you need. A special thanks to the staff for their part in bringing the girls this far!

The coaching team is made up of Head Coach, Rich Haisman, and Assistant Coaches Joe Johnson and Ryan Davis, Katie Hager, Taryn Sutton

Players include:

3 Addy Chvala

5 Victoria Humiston

10 Abby Davis

11 Sophia Kreutner

12 Peytin Clemensen

13 Olivia Hendrick

15 Ashlie Meyer

20 Julia Johnson

21 Aspen Millard

22 Tess Erickson

23 Addyson Phippen

24  Allison Kaut

30 Grayce McClintock

33 Alyssa Griffith

44 Brylee Bruce

45 Kalinda Burke

To rewatch the game, click HERE!



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