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The Birdcatcher By Gayl Jones

Reviewed by Connie Bennett, Vinton Public Library Clerk

Adult Coarse, vulgar language Graphic sexual activity Up until now, I'd never met a book I didn't like. I didn't like The Birdcatcher. Although the book was touted as a "singular achievement ", I saw nothing within its pages that was worthy of reading, let alone enjoying. There was an interesting tease of a story; "...a gifted repeatedly institutionalized for trying to kill her husband..., but that was only one tiny portion of the whole. Personally, I didn't understand this story, as it was made up of unrelated vignettes that seemed randomly told by several characters, there seemed to be no redeeming qualities, or pithy take-aways. The Birdcatcher felt thrown together, as though the author had a deadline, and just added together random notes until she had the requisite number of pages. I may seem to be overly harsh, and you are welcome to a differing opinion, of course; I expect that many people read and enjoyed the book. I did not. Published 2022 Beacon Press Book

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