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Instructions for Dancing By Nicola Yoon

Reviewed by Connie Bennett, Vinton Public Library Clerk
Young Adult Romance, but more I hadn't heard of author Nicola Yoon until this book was brought to my attention! As it turns out, she has written a couple of New York Times bestsellers, which have been made into movies! Following the heartbreaking divorce of her parents, young Evie loses her faith in true love and gives away her extensive collection of romance books. Because she is an avid reader (and collector), this purge takes some time, but Evie is determined! This story has a little bit of many elements; sadness and heartbreak, love and anger, magic and reality. But, most of all, it is a lighthearted, funny, current yet timeless, look at teen love. Even as an older adult, this was a book that I enjoyed. Try it! Published in 2021 by Delacourte Press

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