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In the Middle of Hickory Lane By Heather Webber

Reviewed by Connie Bennett, Vinton Public Library Clerk
Mystery/ History Fiction "Ho hum," was my first thought when I started this book. Prodigal granddaughter returns to small town, meets an handsome and unattached guy... you know the drill. Then, BOOM! Just as I was about to write it off, I was hooked! The mystery began back in 1962, with a young couple just starting their life together. The lady's story, told through journal entries, is the first inkling that there is more to the story! Then, a double disappearance 'way back then' resurfaces with a body in the idyllic neighborhood garden! Secrets are revealed, lies are exposed, and family ties are strained. One reviewer compares this book to Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Author Heather Webber has written thirty-some others novels, but this one was the first for me. Recommended! A Forge Book Published 2022

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