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The Winter Sled is made from a vintage Flexible Flyer II sled. The arrow is part of its original decorations when new. The guild added the winter design to make it a nice addition to any porch, fireplace hearth, or anywhere you care to use it. We'll even throw in the wreath to give it that little extra something for the Christmas season. It's easily removable to make this sled appropriate for the entire fall and winter season.

The actual piece of art is on display at Pourville Art Studio and Gallery in downtown Vinton. Please stop in to see it and the many other wonderful items on display.

All proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Virginia Gay Hospital's 2021 Tree of Lights campaign. Please be generous.

The current high bid is $50 by Michele S. (this is not updated real time)

Bids are in $10 increments or larger. Please fill out the form below to submit your bid. Check back frequently to see bidding updates. Bidding ends December 3rd at 5pm, in plenty of time to have this decorating your home.

To bid, click here:

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