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Dear Editor:

To Norma Gould and others:

Did you click on the link to Democrat State Senator Karen Whitsett? The drug therapy you state is unproven, but I don't think it matters much to those who are out of choices. Medicos are starting to think that when a patient is put on a ventilator that it may not be the appropriate therapy. An article I read just a few days ago suggests that when the oxygen exchange rate goes to the point where a ventilator is used that within hours or perhaps a few days the O2 exchange rate may not improve or worsens. Other tragic events can occur such as the heart muscle weakening to the point where clots may form in the brain (stroke) and/or lungs (pulmonary embolism) further complicating things is due to the heart weakening kidney function starts to fail. As I have stated many times there may be many therapies that have success. At the moment I have heard of only two - One is the hydroxychloroquine/ Azithromycin plus zinc the other is a drug therapy using a common vitamin - vitamin C. Both therapies reduce inflammation which in many patients happens when the autoimmune system overreacts to the virus (inflammation) causing fluid to accumulate in the lungs (pneumonia). As Governor Cuomo of New York stated 80% of those on ventilators do not recover. Fox medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat has stated the failure rate is as high as 88%. These are not good odds. So then it seems logical that drug therapy either Vit C or hdq has a higher success rate than a ventilator. Here is the link to the Michigan lawmaker again - view it before you slander me again.

From Newt Gringrich's newsletter.Thus: East Virginia Medical School

"Seven U.S. physicians have joined together to promote a controversial treatment for seriously ill COVID-19 patients. As the death toll mounts in a desperate struggle against the virus, they are urging hospitals everywhere to try their strategy - one they believe saves lives and reduces dependence on increasingly scarce ventilators.

The physicians, who jointly established the "Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Consortium," recommend a treatment that primarily involves the intravenous combination of vitamin C and corticosteroids. The protocol calls for the treatment to start as soon as a patient enters the emergency room and continue every six hours during the course of the illness.

Paul Marik, MD, Professor of Internal Medicine and Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at EVMS, conceived of the treatment as a way to battle runaway inflammation in the lungs - the real killer in most COVID-19 patients.

"It's not the virus that's killing the host, it's the host's response to the virus," Dr. Marik says, describing the excessive levels of inflammation that result from an overly aggressive immune system.

The immune system responds to an infection by releasing proteins known as cytokines that initiate inflammation. Inflammation is a natural part of the healing process, but an overreactive immune system can trigger a "cytokine storm" that can send inflammation spiraling to dangerous levels.

When this extreme inflammation leaves patients short of breath, caregivers mistakenly attribute it to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), Dr. Marik says. The standard ARDS treatment is intubation - inserting a tube down the throat and directly into the lungs - and connecting them to a mechanical ventilator that forces air into the lungs. Unfortunately, a large majority of ventilated COVID-19 patients - in some cases more than 80 percent - are dying.

To avoid ventilation, Dr. Marik and his colleagues cool the overheated immune system with vitamin C and steroids, both strong anti-inflammatory molecules. They are particularly effective when used in combination.

Joseph Varon, MD, Professor of Acute and Continuing Care at the University of Texas Health Science Center and Chief of Staff/Chief of Critical Care at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas, has come to depend on the combination treatment.

"You start it early and patients don't even need to be intubated," Dr. Varon says in a YouTube video just released by the consortium. At last count, he had no deaths among 24 patients treated with vitamin C and steroids.

Dr. Marik reiterates the importance of starting the treatment early.

"If you wait for them to crash and you wait for them to end up on a ventilator, the Titanic is already sinking," Dr. Marik says. "You have to intervene early and aggressively to prevent them from deteriorating."

The vitamin C/steroid protocol is not widely used in the U.S. because large sectors of the medical community doubt its effectiveness, says consortium member Pierre Kory, MD, Critical Care Service Chief at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madision, Wisconsin.

"Whenever you make a strong claim around a vitamin, I think most doctors are very conservative and skeptical of such claims," Dr. Kory says in the video. "So, it's very hard for most physicians to adopt the therapy fully."

The treatment is controversial but not unconventional. Vitamin C has been used widely in China's treatment of COVID-19 patients, and a clinical trial of high-dose vitamin C is underway there now.

Veteran emergency physician and consortium member Howard Kornfeld, MD, says standard protocols are not working in places like New York. "It's a disaster," he says. "And that disaster is coming to other cities."

Consortium members believe their treatment can help thwart the disaster.

"People are dying needlessly," Dr. Marik says. "This protocol will save lives."

The protocol is available at"

April 21, 2020 Edition Washington Examiner page 41 Article by Cassidy Morrison - Healthcare Could Provide a Blueprint for Coronavirus Treatments. from New York University Langone Hospital
Quote: " The antimalarial medication most touted by the Trump Administration as possible coronavirus treatments Hydroxychoroquine and its relative Chloroquine led to the greatest number of patients who survived the virus and were able to leave the hospital. About 87.6% of female patients treated with hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine along with the antibiotic azithromycin survived and 87.7% of male patients on the same regimen survived.
The Food And Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization to hydroxychloroquine manufacturers which allows the medication to be 'donated to the Strategic National Stockpile to be distributed and prescribed by doctors' but does not require clinical trials to prove it works."Regards,

John Stiegelmeyer

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DL April 27, 2020, 3:55 pm Sir, I say it again. That Michigan lawmaker didn't have her life saved by taking hydroxycloroquine. She was at home. She had a prescription for the drug. Likely because she suffers from lupus. I don't know that. But, I know that she hadn't been diagnosed with COVID-19. She claimed she took one dose, and layed down. When she got up she was cured. That medication doesn't work like that, it IS NOT a cure for COVID-19. It CAN reduce inflammation in the lungs, and help COVID-19 patients breathe, while they're being treated. The numbers you quoted as surviving, after being given Hydroxycloroquine, doesn't break down what percentage were actually bad enough to need hospital care. As we've learned, many people carrying the virus, don't show many symptoms. Some show a few symptoms. Some require life saving care. There are many other levels in between. Many of those test were done on outpatient basis. So, many of the people weren't likely in/or going to be in, grave danger.

Then, why do you feel the need to share the other study in this setting? Is it that you're sharing the news with others that might not have heard it otherwise? That would be nice of you. But, there are many other tests going on too. Remdesivir is one that has shown a lot of success. But, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning on the outpatient prescribing of Hydroxycloroquine because of the possibility of sudden death, do to heart arrhythmia. The same reason I've told you about when I've explained the dangers of having a "president" prescribing drugs on TV.
NG April 27, 2020, 11:30 pm No one tried to slander you John. You do that to yourself every time you choose to follow along behind what impeached 45 says instead of thinking for yourself. You jumped on the hydroxychloroquine wagon with him and now after too many people have died because of heart problems he has shut up about it. He is not qualified and should leave the medical advice to the Drs.

Next he came up with the idea that people should inject or ingest disinfectants. Hundreds of people in Maryland called their state Government to ask if they should do this. People listen to the idiot. People could have died because of his hair-brained ideas.

Now he wants the West Point graduating seniors to come back to West Point to listen to him give a speech. That definitely puts them in danger as they are home and have to travel back to school and gather together just to listen to him. They have been finishing their school program from home and as you know graduation ceremonies are all canceled, all except this one because of impeached 45. Again he is thinking of himself. He was never ready to be president and should never have been president. He is not intelligent enough to handle the job. He proves it every day. Please start thinking for yourself John instead of being such a follower just because he is a Republican.

Norma Gould
NG April 28, 2020, 1:37 am When President Obama got the PDB warning of the Ebola virus he made it a point to do something about it. He did not ignore it. Impeached 45 usually doesn't read the PDB, but has someone read about 3 a week to him even though they are received daily he just isn't interested. He heard about the Corona virus but brushed it aside and now over 56,000 people have died. Because President Obama took action immediately only TWO people died of Ebola in the United States.

As I said before Impeached 45 was not equipped to be president and should never have been elected. He does not know what he is doing.

Norma Gould
DS April 28, 2020, 10:43 am Bingo!!

I hear a BINGO. Hold your cards.

John Stiegelmeyer - good
Hydroxychloroquine - good
Unqualified - good
Norma Gould - good
Covid 19 - good
Darrin Lindsey - good
Unqualified - good
You're an idiot - good
Impeached - good
Rosemary Schwartz - no

We do NOT have a double BINGO. We will continue to play.
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