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This Mother's Day, like everything else this year will be different. You probably won't go out for lunch. And yet it will be the same, if you do get carry out you will probably be the one to clean it up.

This year moms have had to pull triple duty. Not only running the house and taking care of the kids the state made you honorary teachers! Like moms do, you clenched you're jaw and figured it out. I hope some of you said, "Yes! I love this!" And continue next year because you want to. If you do, that's normal to want to do that, God gave you children to raise and in my opinion it's normal to want to be with them! Some of you will say, "no way, huh uh NOT happening!" That's okay it's not for everyone.

Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs you will ever have. But it's also one of the most rewarding. As a homeschooling mom I will never forget the first time I taught my children to read 'Green Eggs and Ham.' It was one of the few times I had proof right away that I was doing something right.

As a mom you go to bed most nights feeling bad for where you messed things up, whether big or small. Sometimes you lay your head on your pillow and smile over the antics of the day or how everything just went perfectly.

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation trying to be "the perfect mom" whatever that is and trying to be " the perfect wife" and the "perfect daughter" and feeling like you don't get the roles right all the time.But you know what? If you care at all, you are probably doing it right.

As women we tend to put everyone else first sometimes to the detriment of our own feelings and needs, and honestly that's not a bad thing, that's what we should do. When you sign up to be a wife and mother you accept the responsibilities that come with the roles. As you get older and there are no more diapers and the kids are grown enough to not need you as much, you begin to adjust but wonder what your role as mom is now. Hopefully, it shifts from mothering to a friendship and helping the next generation through the struggles they are facing. If you are blessed you get to watch the next generation carry on and see things that you taught your children being taught to your grandchildren.

As women, we are quick to humbly let someone else take the credit for our work behind the scenes. Especially in the midst of something like a pandemic. We do the worrying and care for everyone. That's just the way we were made.

Moms, you have so much to give, and you do, selflessly. One day a year isn't really enough to make note of that, but we'll take it.

While you celebrate a bit differently this year, we know that it's just another day, but it's ours. Enjoy!


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