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Updated: Service was restored at approximately 9:15 pm.

For the second time, iVinton was hit by Boomerang Corp. as the two competed for underground space.

Unofficial word is that Boomerang had cut service lines twice today. The first time along 10th St. The second time it has still been unconfirmed of where the cut has been made. However, it appears that it is on the 2nd Ave. and 6th St. Intersection.

It is unclear how soon service can be restored. In an official statement from iVinton they said, " ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: we are experiencing an outage of all 3 services in some areas of town due to contractors cutting 2 unmarked fiber feeds. We are working to repair the cut but expect it to be a lengthy one. If you are experiencing an outage you can call in to 319-472-3255 and report it to us or our after hours group. We will keep you updated with any reports we are given. Thank you for your understanding and patience."

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PJ April 16, 2021, 2:09 pm I thought the network was built so it had redundancy back ups, so if a fiber was cut somewhere the network would easily re-route it? It would appear not.

Editor’s note: it is set up so that if the town is cut off in one direction it can go a different route. In town when you cut the cord to the neighborhood your out of luck until someone can repair it.
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