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I had forgotten that along with launching a new website, it might look good, function well and give you no problems, until you move the silly thing to the new home web address. I'd been looking at it and had been driving my web guy, who is the real brains behind the operation nuts with my many ideas and changing my mind on ideas.

Today I was trying to explain what it was doing on my end of it. I told him, that when I went to load the ads it just sat there like...and then I drew a blank. All I could think of was a line from Dr. Seuss's "There's a Wocket in my Pocket." It's a job hazard of reading to the granddaughter. I told him, the website is sitting there like...the Bofa on the sofa who doesn't really care!

I think there is an issue with the way that my mind works. I've known for decades that I think in song lyrics. If something happened, a piece of music would pop into my head to answer the situation. At one time I had some dreams that included songs in them to get the point of the dream across. And now, apparently, I'm switching to Dr. Seuss. Of course, to be fair, I'm reading more Dr. Seuss than I am involved in music right now, so I guess that space has to be filled with something.

The same thing happened when I was trying to get to sleep a few nights ago and the train kept going up and down the tracks from about 11 until 4:00 a.m. I swear they have a built in sensor that says, "Everyone is just about to hit their REM cycle of sleep so in 3,2,1 HIT THE WHISTLE!" Of course, all I could think of was, "I hear the train a comin', it's comin' round the bend..." so between that earworm and the actual train I was pretty tired the next couple of days.

My daughter works 3rd shift so part of the challenge was to keep her almost 2 year old asleep as well. Even that night she woke up and said, "Train noisy!" and decided at about 2 that it was time to get up for our morning routine of watching the Chicks on the Right to start the day with a chuckle and she insisted she was hungry. Of course, I swear she's a teenager in a toddler's body, she's ALWAYS hungry she says.

And that folks was one long rabbit trail. What I originally started to tell you is that the website is still under construction. And we'll have it purring like a kitten pretty soon. Until then, find a Dr. Seuss book and grab a child to read it long as they are related and WANT to hear Dr. Seuss. It may not work well with teenagers, but hey, they might enjoy it too!

In the meantime, I'll continue to load stories and have your email filled with all kinds of information when we're back online!


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