It seems in the last few years, health insurance has become as bad as a four-letter word you’re never supposed to say!  However, now is the time to start thinking about it again, especially if you are an employer.  Now is the time to find out if you could qualify for a ONE-person group.  Do you receive a W-2?  Do you have an employee other than yourself?  A group plan is a safer place than the individual market and I’d be happy to see if you could qualify for it.

However, we are hopeful that 2019 will have more options in the individual market than 2018.  Of course we’ve heard slim to none on the actual pricing of what any of those options will cost but we do know that Wellmark has said they will offer something in the 2019 market for individuals and families.  Once again, we wait along with you as the days draw closer to Open Enrollment.  It does appear that our congress is again doing nothing to overturn or change Obamacare at this time.  I strongly encourage everyone to contact their representatives and remind them that this issue is not going away and many Iowa families need help and action.  With many Iowa families going without healthcare because they can’t afford it and have very poor options for medical care, something has to be done!

Wilson-Hite Insurance has broadened our options for group insurance so whether you think you have a small group, large group or individual insurance, I encourage you to stop by or give us a call to see what options are out there for you.  We’ll do our best to find the most affordable option for you. As always, Wilson-Hite Insurance is here to take care of all of your health and life as well as personal and commercial insurance.  Give Tressa or John a call today!