Iowa Mold and Engineering of Belle Plaine is the first Benton County business to be featured in a new BDG marketing campaign.

Benton Development Group has launched a marketing campaign for the communities and businesses in Benton County. The first phase of the campaign is to create and air television commercials focused on interesting businesses in the county. Iowa Mold and Engineering in Belle Plaine was the subject of the first commercial, and the ad is currently airing on USA Communications. The next project commences soon at Frontier Co-Op in Norway. The broadcast area will increase as more ads are created. The videos will also be used for social media and various websites.

The second phase will ask residents of our Benton County communities to submit very short smartphone videos sharing the message of why they love living or working in Benton County.

“Benton Development Group experienced a challenging transition in 2014,” says BDG president Kristina Kremer. “But with a reorganized board, renewed support from the Benton County Supervisors, and a strategic marketing effort we are now in a position to highlight stories about our local businesses and thriving communities in Benton County.”

“One goal of the campaign’s first phase,” explained Kristina, “is to aid our area businesses in recruiting. Finding people to work in businesses is becoming such a challenge that it is hampering growth. We wanted to do something tangible to showcase Benton County so more people would consider living and working here.”

Vice-president Marlyn Jorgensen is most looking forward to the kickoff of the second phase. “We need both facets of our campaign to work well,” says Marlyn. “We need people to know that there are great opportunities to work and grow businesses in the county, but we also want people to consider living in our communities, not just commuting to work here. The best way to do that is to let local residents talk about what makes Benton County and their community a place they are proud to live in.”

The Benton county marketing company, Karr Creative in Vinton, was selected by BDG to do the work of the campaign. The project includes creating and distributing television commercials and promoting the campaign through social media and websites. Karr Creative grew out of marketing and creative work done by the Vinton company, Monkeytown.

“We appreciate being given the opportunity to work on this project for BDG,” says owner Kurt Karr. “We really love using our talent and creativity to tell others about Benton County, one of the best places in the world to live and work. Another interesting aspect of the campaign is that 10% of our billings for additional work in Benton County arising from this project will go to Benton Development Group. Those funds will be earmarked to further expand BDG’s economic development work for the entire county.”

“I think it’s a great opportunity for businesses to improve their advertising and marketing outreach while also supporting the economy we all depend on,” Karr said.