At noon on Thursday, November 16th, the Belle Plaine Community Development Corporation is sponsoring a program about television advertising for Belle Plaine businesses and organization. Monkeythis and ICAN, the Independent Cable Advertising Network will be offering a free 40-minute program at the Belle Plaine library introducing low cost, high quality video for television commercials. Commercials can air during shows on HGTV, Food Network, and many other highly popular networks.

Sandwiches and drinks will be provided and one attendee will be chosen at random to win a free door prize. Visit to learn more about marketing services offered by Monkeythis or to register that you plan to attend.

“We have helped customers create commercials running on local cable companies through ICAN at airtime costs as low as $4 per 30-second commercial,” explains Kurt Karr, owner of Monkeythis in Vinton. “What that means for the organizations we work with is that they can reach their target audiences with great messages at low cost. We also offer clients 15-second spots for them to use on social media.”

Businesses and organizations in Belle Plaine are at a disadvantage when trying to reach new customers through video and television commercials. Cost is the big reason.

The cost of purchasing a commercial on broadcast channels or the cable company serving Belle Plaine requires paying for all the households in the Cedar Rapids metro area as well. The cost is high, and the likelihood of attracting customers from Cedar Rapids is low.

“Belle Plaine businesses and organizations have an opportunity to reach their target audience at low cost by using a combination of our services and ICAN,” says Kurt Karr, owner of Monkeythis, the Vinton-based marketing company producing the videos. “ICAN serves independent cable providers like South Slope and USA Communications in Shellsburg. Advertisers are more likely to attract potential customers from Van Horne, Blairstown, and Newhall than they are from Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, and Marion.” To RSVP for the event visit