Ninety dancers ages 6 to 18 from The Cooling Dance Center of Vinton competed April 8 and 9 at the Doubletree Hotel and Convention Center in Cedar Rapids for the Regional Midwest Starz Dance Competition.

There were 34 dance studios, several hundred dancers, and over 1000 routines in attendance.

Each routine was evaluated for technique and presentation, and the top five in each age group were also awarded high point rankings.

The Cooling routine “Hairspray,” featuring 54 dancers ages 9 to 17, was the winning production routine in the competition.

All of the Cooling Dancers brought home many awards and trophies, advancing to the national competition to be held at the Kalahari Water Park Resort and Convention Center in the Wisconsin Dells June 15-18. Judges for the event included Sally Cofield of San Luis Obispo, CA, Disney and Los Angeles musical theatre choreographer, Maurice Watson of the University of Maryland Dept. of Dance and also a veteran of Commercials, TV, and Film, and Nikki Zwolski, BFA from the Oklahoma City University School of Dance and Performance and veteran performer of regional theatre and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Results are as follows:

Teen Musical Theatre Production: “Hairspray” Platinum Award and High Point Winner: Zena Aragon, Emma Arnold, Claire Booth, Baylee Bruce, Peytin Clemensen, Charley Cooling, Kelli Cox, Newelle Dalton, Riley Davis, Madalynn Farmer, Alana Fleming, Katie Folkmann, Emma Fry, Gracie Fry, Delanee Hartl, Cassie Hazen, Carmen Henkle, Ashlyn Hotchkiss, Summer Hotchkiss, Hannah Houtakker, Emily Ingalls, Brooke Johnston, Haylee Karr, Leah Kaufman, Alli Kemp, Rachel Kline, Isabell Kreel, Zoey Kriner, Sydney Krueger, Kailey Lazenby, Bree Lundvall, Sammie Lundvall, Shelby McDonald, Lauren Murray, Raeganne Neilson, Kailey Netolicky, Karsyn Nichol, Elsa Page, Julia Paine, Lauren Paine, Jenna Pattee, Kara Perry, Rachel Rollinger, Taylor Shipley, Madalyn Staggs, Jayden Steffen, Charleston Steinke, Amy Thomas, Ashlee Thomas, Nicki Thomas, Emma Upah, Sophia Vasquez, Morgan White

Senior Lg. Group Tap: “Anything Goes” Platinum Award/1 st Runner Up Senior High Point: Baylee Bruce, Charley Cooling, Kelli Cox, Newelle Dalton, Katie Folkmann, Cassie Hazen, Lean Kaufman, Bree Lundvall, Brooklyn Staab, Jayden Steffen, Taylor Wheeler, Morgan White, Madison Winter

Teen Lg Group Jazz: “Treat You Better” High Gold: Riley Davis, Kayla Griffith, Ashlyn Hotchkiss, Hannah Houtakker, Alli Kemp, Rachel Kline, Isabell Kreel, Jenna Pattee, Kailey Lazenby, Shelby McDonald, Lauren Murray, Lauren Paine, Kara Perry, Taylor Shipley, Nicki Thomas, Emma Upah

Teen Lg. Group Tap: “I Love Me” Platinum Award/ 4th Runner-Up Teen High Point: Zena Aragon, Emma Arnold, Brylee Bruce, Claire Booth, Alyssa Griffith, Delanee Hartl, Emily Ingalls, Megan Kenny, Sydney Krueger, Raeganne Neilson, Kailey Netolicky, Elsa Page, Brynn Staab, Charleston Steinke, Baylee Wheeler

Preteen Tap Line: “Faith” High Gold Award/2nd Runner Up Preteen High Point: Kelcie Appleby, Callie Cain, Addyson Chvala, Peytin Clemensen, Alana Fleming, Carmen Henkle, Summer Hotchkiss, Julia Johnson, Brooke Johnston, Haylee Karr, Mallory Kenny, Zoey Kriner, Emma Kyes, Samantha Lundvall, Karsyn Nichol, Julia Paine, Olivia Primrose, Rachel Rollinger, Ashtyn Shonka, Elise Smith, Madalyn Staggs, Mila Van Weelden, Sophia Vasquez

Mini Lg. Group “Cowboy Sweetheart” High Gold Award/ 2nd Runner up Mini High Point: Madeline Blais, Olivia Boisen, Callie Cain, Paige Clemensen, Katelyn Fleming, Lily Griffith, Madelyn Kenny, Julia Morrow, Hayden Ocheltree, Cadence Redlinger, Kara Rollinger, Brynlee Seeck, Sophia Seeck, Ashtyn Shonka, Birgitta Sloop, Mieke Ternus, Cari Travis, Mia Von Sprecken, Gracie Whelan