By Tressa Walton

There is a proposal for a new flood map that will affect a lot of people who in the past may not have needed flood insurance. If you are in a flood zone, you are not required to have flood insurance unless you have a mortgage on your home, the BANK can require that you have flood insurance.

Flood insurance covers things such as flash flood or run off, water through the walls (not through a drain or sump pump as that is covered under water/sewer backup) and the obvious creek and river overflow.

Flood insurance can be expensive, especially if your only options is getting it through the National Flood Insurance Program. Luckily for Vinton, Wilson-Hite Insurance has another option for flood insurance that has saved our customers hundreds of dollars a year. If you are one of the homes that may now be in the new flood zone, stop in today and get a quote on what flood insurance is going to cost you. We’re happy to help!