Ideal Industries, Inc., headquartered in Vinton, Iowa, will celebrate this year’s Manufacturing Day on October 9, by hosting teachers from Benton Community Senior High School as part of the school’s professional development initiative.

“Sharing our knowledge of modern manufacturing and what manufacturers are looking for in employees, will hopefully give them insight into how a company like ours operates and what skills kids need to develop,” said Mike O’Connor, director of sales and marketing at Ideal. “Having them here during the observation of Manufacturing Day is an added bonus.”

Manufacturing Day is designed to give people a look into the behind-the-scenes world of manufacturing. The day is celebrated throughout North America, but Iowa sets aside the whole month of October for its observation. Ideal Industries is one of over a hundred companies taking part in events across the state of Iowa.

Ideal will give a tour of both their offices and shop, and the visitors will have an opportunity to ask questions. When the tour is complete, they will meet with staff members in various parts of the company for guidance on topics ranging from human resources and accounting to fabrication. Ideal is one of several tours of different types of companies the educators will take on that same day. All of the tours are being facilitated by the Workplace Learning Connection at Kirkwood Community College.

“This event is an opportunity to connect Benton Community High School teachers to local businesses through a worksite tour,” said Laura Miner, Benton and Iowa County Liaison for the Workplace Learning Connection. “This is a great way to reach our local youth through our High School instructors.”

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