Matt Johnson, of Cedar Valley Bank & Trust in Vinton and La Porte City, has been named a member of the Iowa Bankers Association’s (IBA) Management Committee. The committee, comprised of bank management professionals from across the state, works to develop educational programs, best practices and products that enable senior-level bankers to enhance their bank and professional management skills.

“We’re pleased to have Matt serving a three-year term on our Management Committee. His expertise and commitment will provide direction for the IBA as it identifies the needs of senior level bank officers and helps develop resources to accommodate those needs,” said Sharon Presnall, senior vice president of government relations and compliance for the IBA.

Matt, a recent graduate of the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, WI, has been with Cedar Valley Bank & Trust for 3 years and in banking for over 10 years. He is the Senior Loan Officer, VP in charge of lending as well as the Vinton Branch Manager. “I’m looking forward to sharing ideas from eastern Iowa through a well-respected organization that has a direct connection to our statewide and federally elected leaders.”

About the Iowa Bankers Association

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