Vinton businesses and organizations have been hampered in their ability to reach new customers through video and television commercials. One big reason is cost. The cost of purchasing a commercial on broadcast channels or the cable company serving Vinton requires paying for all the households in the Cedar Rapids metro area as well. The cost is high and the likelihood of attracting customers from Cedar Rapids is low.

Another reason Vinton businesses haven’t advertised with video is the worry about the time required to create a commercial portraying the business or organization in positive a light.

On Tuesday morning, October 24th 7:00 AM at the Vinton Kirkwood Center, and noon on Thursday the 26th, at the same location, the creative team of Kurt Karr, Bobbie Hendryx and Maggie Coshow will be offering a free 40 minute program introducing low cost, high quality, locally produced video and television commercial services. The morning program will include coffee and morning snacks. The afternoon session will include sandwiches and drinks. Click here to register if you plan to attend one of the sessions or request more information here.

“Vinton businesses have a great opportunity to reach a very large audience at low cost by using a combination of our local production services and ICAN, Iowa’s Independent Cable Advertising Network,” says Kurt Karr. “Our familiarity with the local business makes creating content much easier and by supporting independent cable providers like USA Communications in Shellsburg, South Slope Telephone Cooperative and IndyTel, all of whom are served by ICAN, Vinton businesses can reach the smaller surrounding communities and the large rural areas the cable providers in these small towns serve. Advertisers are more likely to attract potential customers from communities like Urbana, Shellsburg, Newhall and Atkins than they will from Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha and Marion.”

“We have helped customers create commercials for ICAN cable providers at prices as low as $4 per 30 second commercial,” explains Karr, “and that means organizations like Benton Development Group and Virginia Gay Hospital have been able to reach their target audience with great messages at very low cost. Those same videos can be easily repackaged for use on websites and social media.”

“As an example, we produced a commercial about Iowa Mold and Engineering in Belle Plaine as part of Benton Development Group’s effort to highlight unique business and employment opportunities in the county,” says Karr, “and because it was also running on Aureon, which covers the largest area of Iowa, a potential customer in Dubuque called after seeing the commercial. They had no idea there was a custom mold fabrication company so close to home.”

Monkeytown was an office supply company owned by Karr. Bobbie Hendryx and Maggie Coshow produced marketing materials for Monkeytown and the company provided marketing services to outside customers as well. With the sale of the office products company a new company, Karr Creative LLC was formed and it uses the brand name Monkeythis.

“When we thought about naming the new company we thought about choosing something entirely different, but one thing setting us apart from most marketing companies is that we learned through hands-on experience. It takes a special talent to reach the right audience while remaining focused on getting the best results at the lowest cost,” says Karr. “We call it ‘Practical Marketing’ and we liked the name Monkeythis because it reflects the experiences that make us uniquely able to help small businesses.”

To learn more or to RSVP for the event, click here.