Brooke Sanford spent some time this week opening boxes at the Vinton Dollar Store and setting out items for sale for the second major holiday of 2018.

“They told us to put out the Valentine’s Day items,” said Sanford, as she opened boxes full of heart-shaped decorations.

New Year’s items are still on display, as well, along with the other things customers are used to seeing.

Christmas items are now 50 percent off, says Sanford. This is the first time the store, which has had a constant holiday section in the basement, has discounted Christmas items.

In November, a sign went up announcing the impending closing of the store. Employees were told the exact date depended on when the building was sold.

Rosauer Ventures of Illinois owns the Vinton store as well as many other Super Dollar stores. The company has announced the closing of several stores in Iowa and Illinois.