It’s not fun to talk about and nobody wants to think about the day we are no longer here. However, if you have anyone besides yourself that you love, you really need to think about it, if only for a few minutes.  How is that loved one going to continue to keep a roof over their head without your financial help?  How are the kids going to go to college?  How are they going to afford to pay for your funeral?

There are simple solutions out there whether it is term, universal, or whole life insurance.  There is even such a thing as return of premium term insurance now.  The sooner you decide to get life insurance, the better; the older you are when you decide, the more expensive it is.  It is also better to get it while you are healthier or before any medical conditions have a chance to develop that might prevent you from getting it all together.

Do you know that statically- more people have cell phones than life insurance?  Who are you going to call to protect your family? After all, Life insurance is the one insurance everyone needs.  I encourage you to call Wilson-Hite Insurance today and see what John, Denny or Tressa can do to protect you and your family.



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