By Tressa Walton

Every year there is the ONE gift that everyone needs to receive – this year it’s the gift of keeping your family together.  We raise our families, protect our families and try to keep our families safe from harm.  There is one unexpected serious event in life that has the potential of causing serious, if not irreversible consequences to a family and that’s the need for long term care over an extended period.  While we all think it won’t happen to us, statistics might tell a different story.  We’ve provided and protected our family for all our lives and we think if something happens to us, our spouse will take care of us but what happens when they can’t.  There is no choice but to involve a child.  Let’s face the facts, if you have four children, each one of them is not going to take on their share of 25% of the workload caring for you when you can’t take care of yourself.  There’s probably one child who is the closest that is going to have to take on the burden of assisting and they are going to resent their siblings for not helping more.  There’s going to be the kids who are too busy to help or too far away and the child who gets dumped on with everything.  Providing care doesn’t bring siblings together, it tears them apart causing irreversible damage to present and future generations.    What happens when the child must quit their job or cut hours at work to care for you and it causes a huge strain on their family?  Did you know that family members who are caring for a spouse or a parent are much more likely to become chronically ill themselves from the strain it puts on their body?

There is a solution that might not cost you any money out of your pocket!  There is a product which can take money from your 401K or an annuity and transfer the gains to cover the cost of an extended care policy to keep you in your home longer.  Do you know if you haven’t allocated funds to pay for extended or long-term care, you have allocated ALL of your funds and assets that you have spent your entire life working to pay for it?  Many people think Medicaid will help them, but did you know that Medicaid is actually very expensive by the time you spend down your assets to get it?  Did you know the premium for Long Term Care is deductible?

There is no greater gift to give you family this holiday season than Extended Care for yourself and spouse.  You can give children a second gift at Life by taking the burden off them.  Contact me today to find out more about the ultimate gift this year that will have lasting effects on your family.