By Tressa Walton

We all have heard by now that Younkers and Sears are closing up.  We’re all shocked that these industry moguls that have been around for years are done.  You might think it will be okay because Amazon is now offering Prime Wardrobe, and there is Stitch Fix.  You can shop in the convenience of your own home and never have to leave.  However, I hope you remember that we have many local businesses right here that DEPEND on you walking through the door and into their stores.   While the convenience of never leaving your home sounds interesting, I hope you don’t give up the joy of trying things on or having different sizing options available right in front of you in a store.

Part of what makes small towns great is their small town stores.  We have great stores in our town and we want to keep it that way.  However, we can’t let technology and the ease of never having to talk to someone or leave our home take over our lives.  The cycle of shopping local is a big one as they are our schools and organizations biggest supporters.  If we lose the stores, we lose the support they give our community as well.  This Saturday, July 14 the downtown businesses will once again be offering Cat & Dog Days.  I hope you’ll consider stopping out and seeing all that they have to offer in their stores and maybe even find a great bargain!  I know the businesses would certainly appreciate your support!  #shoplocal