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Who is Next?

By Tressa Walton We all have heard by now that Younkers and Sears are closing up.  We’re all shocked that these industry moguls that have been around for years are done.  You might think it will be okay because Amazon is now...

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Do I need Flood Insurance?

By Tressa Walton There is a proposal for a new flood map that will affect a lot of people who in the past may not have needed flood insurance. If you are in a flood zone, you are not required to have flood insurance unless you...

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Don’t Just Buy, USE

Tamara Stark 6/7/2018 So often, and almost everywhere you go, you’re reminded to “Buy or Shop Local”….Purchase your goods locally and support your neighborhood economy. Something related to this, but different, is the thought...

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The Gift of Love

By Tressa Walton We all say we love our families and do what is best for them. As parents’ we try to give our children more than what we had as children. Do your children have life insurance policies? Did you? So many of our...

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