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When Oprah has her Aha Moment

Dear Oprah, I know there’s a chorus of people wanting you to run for office in 2020. You probably will, because after all, the ego is a terrible thing to waste…ask President Trump. I might as well tell you right now...

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Living Life Blind

Tonight, well, this morning since I couldn’t sleep, I thought I might as well get out of bed for the second time and write a column about what I’m thinking about. I started thinking about my dad. I remember the first...

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The Christmas most like Christmas

By Dean Close, Editor When I look back on my own personal history of Christmas, I can think of several years when the holiday had special meaning for me. There was the year when I, despite being extremely unskillful with tools,...

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Thank You From a Veteran

On 3 October 2017 I  had the privilege, pleasure, and honor to travel with 80 fellow Veterans to our Nations Capital, along with a number of EIHF Volunteers, and Guardians. This was a day that I will always remember.  It...

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